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The PBL is located in the Mountain States region of the United States, with eight current teams in Montana, Utah, Idaho and Colorado. This wonderful part of the country is defined by its spectacular natural beauty framed by majestic mountains, broad plains and high desert, clean air, big skies, and a western lifestyle. Our communities are as vibrant and varied as the people who call them home, from small cities like Great Falls, MT to Boise, the capital of Idaho.

As an integral element of the quality of life in each of our communities, the presence of a minor league team cannot be overstated. On beautiful summer evenings, with jaw-dropping sunsets above nearby mountain peaks, the ballparks are where we go for family night out. It’s like a county fair wrapped around a ballgame; it’s the heart and soul of a community.

We welcome you to come to this lovely part of the world and catch a game or two at the charming bandbox ballparks of the Pioneer Baseball League. It’s like you’ve gone back to a simpler place in time when things weren’t quite as hectic and crowded.

These are the experiences and memories you and your family never forget.

Welcome to the Pioneer’s Baseball Like it Used to Be!