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How to Get Your Season Tickets

  • The Rocket City Trash Pandas are taking Season Ticket deposits at the Trash Panda Emporium at the Bridge Street Town Center.
  • Deposits are $250 per seat, regardless of the price of the seat. Those making deposits will be asked to select a seating type to reserve Season Tickets.
  • Seat selections will be made in order, based on the date of your deposit. Our team will reach out personally and guide you through the selection process.
  • All Season Tickets are a three-year commitment. Prices do not go up during those three years, even if individual game ticket prices increase. If, after three years, a Season Ticket holder wants to roll over for additional years, prices do not change. Season Ticket holders in 2020 will pay the same price for their seats in perpetuity for as long as they continue to renew their seats.
  • Upon selection of their seats, Season Ticket holders will be asked to make an additional $250 deposit for each seat OR may elect to pay in full and receive a special commemorative gift. The remaining balance can be paid in full before April 1st, 2020 or the balance can be paid monthly through the auto-payment program.

For more information about season tickets: [email protected]