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MLB’s Home Run Derby is coming to MiLB in 2023, with a twist. Join us to watch MLB and Softball Legends team up with hometown players to bring a whole new energy to Hartford, CT and Fredericksburg, VA this August. Press release

Home Run Derby X is baseball, but not as you know it.

In this electrifying new format co-ed teams of four go head-to-head to hit home runs and make epic catches in a three-inning game built for quick fire, non-stop action.

Rules of the Game

  • Each co-ed team has 3 hitters and 1 pitcher.

  • Each hitter will have one at bat of 2 minutes 30 seconds; the opposing team will be in the outfield.

  • A home run scores one point for the offense.

  • A catch by an outfielder scores one point for the defense.

  • Extra points can be earned through hitting hot streaks, target strikes, and in-game boosters

  • A Tag in/Tag out option is available for each at-bat

  • The team with the most total points after all at bats wins the game.

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