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Welcome to Capital One Premier Plays of the Year, where YOU determine the best plays from across Minor League Baseball for the 2022 season!

Watch all six nominees below -- each was selected by fans as a Play of the Month during the season -- and vote as many times as you'd like for your favorite. There are no limits! Voting ends Friday, Nov. 4, at 5 p.m. ET.

Capital One Premier Plays of the Year voting has ended. Thank you for participating.

Congratulations to Midland's Brett Harris, voted by fans as this year's top play winner!

Capital One Premier Plays of the Year voting has ended. Thank you for participating.

Congratulations to Midland's Brett Harris, voted by fans as this year's top play winner!

Midland's Harris goes head over heels (42% of vote)

Brett Harris' highest graded tool is his fielding ability, though this play required more than just advanced defensive skills. This took fearlessness. Start with the shift putting him further from the dugout than usual. End with his heels pointing straight in the air as he flips over the railing. Oakland has been the beneficiary of a lot of good defense at the hot corner over the years, and Harris could be next in line. He was the runaway winner in July with 70 percent of the fan vote.

Pandas' Teodosio lays out for the grab (28%)

Bryce Teodosio was a mainstay on our Top Plays lists this season, as was his Rocket City teammate, left fielder Jeremiah Jackson. On this particular catch, it takes a couple seconds to see which Trash Panda actually comes down with the ball. Turns out it was Teodosio, who was an overwhelming winner in the final month of fan voting with 75 percent of the ballot.

Plagge takes matters into his own hands (12%)

Any further and Bowen Plagge could have measured this putout in kilometers. He started on the mound, where he induced a grounder to second, and ran the 60-feet, 6-inches to the plate before getting the ball back. Then it was a 90-foot sprint for the first tag and another (almost) 90 feet to finish off the 4-5-2-5-1 double play for Kannapolis. The 24-year-old earned 38 percent of the vote in August, narrowly defeating a soaring catch by Quad Cities shortstop Tyler Tolbert.

Cardinals' Davis flips over fence (9%)

Jonah Davis has a history of truly special catches against big-name prospects dating back to his college days -- you might recognize the young slugger in this clip. This time, he ended an at-bat prematurely for the Astros' Yainer Diaz. Wearing an Iron Man-inspired jersey on Marvel Defenders of the Diamond Night, Davis played hero as he front-flipped over the short fence along the first base line and paid a visit to his teammates in the bullpen. Davis won a tightly contested June fan voting with 36 percent of the vote.

Reno's Duzenack makes heads-up play (9%)

Coaches love a guy like Camden Duzenack. Not only has he played all nine positions in the same game, he hustles to keep runs off the board. Suited up at second base for Reno, Duzenack was head's up all the way as he played the deflection -- on a backhand swipe by reliever Mack Lemieux -- and fired a strike to home. This play received 49 percent of the fan vote in April.

Sharp, Herrmann team up in Rochester (0%)

It takes time for a pitcher and catcher to get in sync, but time was not a luxury afforded to Sterling Sharp and Chris Herrmann here. In just their second game as batterymates, Sharp had his survival instincts tested on a comeback liner. Fortunately, his limbo move was quick enough to get his head free and clear and his glove to the ball before Herrmann sprung into action. At 84 percent, this play received the largest vote share in any month.