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Ask MiLB: Where is Saccomanno?

Minor League fans have questions; we've got some answers
March 11, 2011
Baseball fans have a lot of questions about the Minor Leagues, its players and this website. We at attempt to answer some of those curiosities -- no promises, though.

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I don't know if this question has been answered or not, but I was wondering how many teams offer stadium tours throughout the course of the year? I am looking to tour as many facilities as I possibly can. -- David H. is not involved with stadium tours at specific ballparks. Those are initiatives that teams may choose to offer to fans on their own. You should check each team's website and stadium policies or contact the clubs to see if they offer such things. You can find a list of teams in the Minors here.

I am a student journalist at The Ohio State University. I have been assigned to profile a player by the name of Eric Fryer. He is a left fielder in the Pittsburgh Pirates' Minor League system. He went to Ohio State, and we are looking to get in contact with him. Is there any way you can help me get a hold of him? -- Daniel H.

Your best bet will be to contact the Pirates. Odds are he is not in Spring Training yet (as of Feb. 24) as their Minor Leaguers have until March 5 to report.

My question is: how do you sift through the hundreds and hundreds of dumb questions, questions you answer every day, questions you would never have the answers to, etc., with enough patience and skill to put together a weekly mailbag? I lose faith in humanity just reading it! You folks are saints! Thanks for your hard work. -- Tim L.

There is no such thing as a stupid question, as they say. We're happy to help -- thanks for reading!

Where can I find information about Minor League Spring Training and specifically a schedule of Minors Spring Training games? -- John

You'll need to be a little more specific, at least narrow your search by organization. Some teams hold their Minor League games and workouts on practice fields during the day. We do not have a schedule of those, though. To be clear, though, Minor League clubs don't play Spring Training games. The Altoona Curve's and Buffalo Bisons' players play in Minor League games as part of the Pirates and Mets camp respectively.

My name is Salvador Aguilar. I was a 2008 All-Star at Double-A Binghamton and I am looking for a pitching job. I am coming off shoulder surgery and fully healed [and] wanted to know if you can help, my overall stats are good.

The best suggestion we can offer is to hire an agent, or contact a sports management company, maybe contact your old coaches and teammates, or attend some open tryouts. (The Mets could definitely use some more good arms these days.)

Hi, I have a question about your tryouts. Can a person that graduated from high school tryout? Thank you. -- Brianna R.

Yes, of course -- Major League Baseball does not discriminate against high school graduates. Major League tryout camps are open for all players at least 16 years of age.

Can you tell me if any team has signed pitcher Alex Thieroff from Indiana yet? If so, please tell me the team and any details which you might have. -- Hughey

Thieroff was released by Arizona after the 2009 season and did not play in the Minors in 2010. He appeared with independent teams in 2010, and according to our site, he's not currently signed with any Major League organization.

Mark Saccomanno played with the Corpus Christi Hooks from 2005-06. Where is he now? -- Frank J.

Use the Search box at the upper right of the masthead, or select Player Search from the Stats pull-down menu in the masthead, type in "Saccomanno," and you'll have the answer: he was in the Marlins' system last season, but he's currently a free agent. His player page is available on here.

We are interested in doing some kind of advertising, perhaps a banner at the Dunedin Blue Jays park. -- Strachan's Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts

You'll want to contact Dunedin about their ballpark. Feel free to send us some ice cream, though. If you're interested on sponsorship on, you can find all the pertinent information here.

Help a released Minor Leaguer? Would you have done that for anybody? Because I know [a] very good released Minor Leaguer who needs a job. If it sounds like I am bitter, I am because I know my son is and was a very good player and was told several times by some of the people in the organization that he has a chance to make it to the Majors if he worked hard. This kid loves baseball with every bone inside of him. He is one that would play for free just to get a fair shot. He truly keeps his dream alive with the hope of just getting a true chance. -- Vanessa M.

Yes, that's the reality of baseball -- there are thousands of talented players who aspire to reach the Majors, and a very small percentage of them ever make it. Your son likely understood that concept when he was drafted. We at have no input on who is drafted, gets playing time or eventually gets promoted.

What is the length of first-year player contracts? Is there a standard length, or is it negotiable? -- "WorldSeries808"

That was answered in a recent Ask MiLB: According to Major League Rule 3(b), "All Minor League Uniform Player Contracts between either a Major or a Minor League Club and a player who has not previously signed a contract with a Major or a Minor League Club shall be for a term of seven Minor League playing seasons."

A few years ago, you tried to get Dubuque to vote for a Class A Minor League Baseball team to come to Dubuque, Iowa. I think it was the wrong decision for Dubuque to vote against it. I really hope you try to get them to vote on this again. Please let me know on what I can do to get Minor League Baseball into Dubuque! I would really love to help. -- Brandi A.

It's a little complicated. All Minor League Baseball clubs in the U.S. and Canada are affiliated with a Major League organization, and since there are no plans for Major League expansion at this time, there are no plans for Minor League expansion. Therefore, in order for a city to obtain an MiLB club, an existing team must want to relocate there. That city also must not be in the protected territory of another Minor or Major League team, as well as be a good geographical fit for the league.

A club can be also purchased, and the new owners may apply for relocation. Club sales and relocations are subject to league approval, as well as approval from Minor and Major League Baseball.

I have an antique photo that I believe to be of the San Antonio Bears with the ornate stacked SA logos on their turtleneck sweaters, but I think it is from prior to the turn of the century from the mustaches, clothing of the managers, etc. I was wondering if you might look at it and give me some insight, or if you have a contact with your organization that knows the league history. -- Caroline

No one knows the Texas League better than Texas League president Tom Kayser -- he wrote the book on it!

My young (21-years-old age wise) disabled (chiari malformation, autism, etc) son is a huge fan. Is there any chance you could send him an autographed ball, photo or baseball items? -- Stephen G.

We don't have any memorabilia here at the office -- teams may have game-used items and souvenirs like that. You could send them requests directly.

I was wondering how do I get a schedule of the tryout camps for 2011? I would love to try out and play the Minors. -- William A.

The easiest way to find this schedule? Type "MLB tryouts" into Google, and it's the very first result.

I am currently deployed overseas in support of OIF, OEF, and OND. I have spent 24 years in the military, most of which (22 years) in the South Carolina National Guard. My family and I will be taking an extended vacation when I come home this summer, and we will be attending some Minor League games as we travel. I have already made arrangements with Potomac to throw out the first pitch on July 15, but if MiLB could arrange for me to do the same at other venues we will be attending, I would appreciate it, and I know my family would be very excited. -- MSG Gregg D.

Sounds like a cool idea, and thank you for your service to our nation -- we hope you enjoy your travels around the Minors! We've passed along your note to several Minor League teams. Hopefully it works out!

Just a general inquiry question. Carlos Matias has signed with the Cardinals. Do you know if and when he will be listed by MLB on their transaction page as an actual signing? -- Rob L.

Carlos is now Carlos Martinez and is listed under the Dominican Summer League's transaction report as signing with the club on May 27, 2010.

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