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Aces fans share their hot dog preferences

May 9, 2011 11:12 AM

This Wednesday night is the season's first 50-Cent Hot Dog Night presented by KTVN Channel 2 News! To celebrate, we asked our fans on Facebook and Twitter how they assembled the perfect hot dog, and they responded! In just a few short hours, fans named more than 30 different toppings, from classic mustard to... peanut butter? Here's the recap:

Put some mustard on it
Leah LaCruze Witt (via Facebook): Deli mustard only, allowing for the simple hot dog goodness to shine through.

Mustard was the king of the survey, collecting a whopping 58 votes (onions came in second at 36). And mustard fans get specific... spicy mustard was mentioned by 4 fans; deli-style mustard by 2, and stadium mustard by 1. Michael Moizuk said that any good Clevelander has his dog with stadium mustard, onions and sauerkraut.

Deal with it, ketchup-haters
Ian Callipydge (via Facebook): I like my hot dogs like I like my women: covered in a little bit of ketchup. Wait a sec...

Hot dog snobs may shudder at the thought of ketchup anywhere near a hot dog, but the popular condiment came in third in our highly unscientific poll. On the other hand, ketchup partisans on Facebook and Twitter couldn't decide on how to spell the sauce- ketchup, catsup, katchup or katsup?

The food pyramid insists upon it
Stacee Henry (via Facebook): Tomatoes n pickles!

Veggies on the dog? You bet! Onions (36 votes) came in at #2 in our poll, just two votes above ketchup. Also appearing in the produce section: relish (25), sauerkraut (13), jalapeños (7), pickles (5), tomatoes (3); as well as cole slaw, lettuce, pickled peppers, and pico de gallo (1 each). Two fans shared their affinity for Chicago-style dogs, generally agreed to have onions, relish, pickles, tomatoes and peppers, in addition to mustard and celery salt.

You know what would go great with this? More meat
Stephen Jones (via Facebook): pizza sauce and melted cheese and pepperoni

Chili received 11 votes, though none of the respondents specified whether they expected ground beef in the mix. Bacon was mentioned by two voters, pepperoni and ground beef alone by one each. (Shameless plug: try the Reno Dog at the concession stand behind the plate! Ground beef, sour cream, cheese, and jalapeño peppers... it's a taco on a hot dog!)

Sauce it up
Trevor Leppek (via Facebook): Sriracha, spicy mustard, and Thai sweet chili sauce!

The traditional offerings (mustard, ketchup, and nacho cheese) all appeared high on the list, but other sauces mentioned include hot sauce (2) and A-1, barbecue sauce, and Thai sweet chili sauce (1 each).

Teach an old dog new tricks
Shauntaye R. Callahan (via Facebook): Peanut Butter, spicy mustard, onions, hot sauce and ketchup.

You want a non-traditional dog? Try these suggestions: peanut butter (2), Doritos or garlic fries (1 each). Combine these at your own risk.

All or nothing
Terri Syperda-Turner (via Facebook): The kitchen sink!

Four fans said they throw everything available on their hot dogs... and one said the "plain Jane" hot dog was as good as it gets.


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