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Join the P-Rays' Booster Club (S.L. Craig)

October 30, 2010 3:21 AM ET

The booster clubs of professional baseball teams in Princeton have been an important part of the team's operation since 1992. They act in a capacity of being "the team behind the team" in the aspect of making Princeton feel a little more like a home away from home for our players, many of whom are on their own for the first time.

You too, have the chance to take part in this portion of our players' careers by becoming a member of the Princeton Rays Booster Club. Dues are $10.00 per year and other incentive plans for members are currently in development.

Being a booster gives you the chance to be more involved with creating social activities and outings for our players away from the ballpark. One of the long-time favorite activities are the large home-cooked meals prepared and served to our entire team following every Sunday afternoon home game! Or, maybe you can assist in the planning of a fishing outing for players on their off day or any other activity that helps them to escape the baseball world for a day.

The boosters also are involved in the team's "Adopt-A-Player" program in which players pair up with a local family. This does not involve players living with the local family but instead can be what you make of it. This could be you taking a player periodically out to dinner or invite them to your home for an evening of relaxation. Also, it is recommended that you establish contact with the player's birth parents so that they will know their son does have a "family" when he is in Princeton for the summer. If a player has a birthday occuring during the season, do not be surprised if he is presented a birthday cake by a booster on the field prior to a P-Rays' home game.

The club primarily operates off the annual dues collected and one or two fundraising events per year.

If you are interested in joining the Princeton Rays Booster Club, we will be happy to have a Booster Club officer contact you. If you would like to request an application form or learn more about the club, please contact the Princeton Rays front office either by e-mail at or by telephoning the team's Hunnicutt Field office at (304) 487-2000.

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