Journal: Brown's fishing adventures

Prospect enjoying season's last off-days with teammates

By Jordan Brown / Special to | August 14, 2008 5:30 AM

Indians prospect Jordan Brown rides the momentum of back-to-back Most Valuable Player campaigns into the 2008 season. The University of Arizona product received Eastern League top honors in 2007 after leading the circuit in hitting (.333) while adding 11 homers and 76 RBIs. He also posted MVP numbers (.290-15-97) in 2006 at Kinston of the Carolina League.

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"A product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is released on the Earth's surface."

I thought I'd give you a definition from Wikipedia of the word, 'Precipitation' to start this journal to represent a recurring theme throughout these last five months.

The International League decided to give us two off days in a row in mid-August and I ask myself this question: Where the [expletive] were these off days in June and July? But I'll definitely take them.

With that being said, to try and capitalize on the off day, teammates Jon Meloan, Trevor Crowe, Chris Gimenez and I decided to charter a fishing boat on Lake Erie and rip some small mouth bass. Meloan (who bleeds camouflage instead of scarlet) got in touch with Tim Braun via email to take us to fish Erie in his 'Ranger' boat.

Braun has plenty of clients pay him to guide them across the lake in order to catch three to six-pound bass. Because he's fished for 27 years on this lake, he knew all the hot spots and helped create a great day to take our minds off the game and enjoy our time in Buffalo while it lasts.

Meloan and Gimenez have fished a lot in their lifetime, so they didn't need much help. However, Trevor and I weren't very experienced. Put it this way: Crowe was afraid to even touch the bait!!!! I don't blame him, since he put the crawdad on my leg and I hit vocal chords I didn't know existed.

We had some colder temperatures and a few dry spells, but all in all, it turned out to be a great productive day that ended in lots of baked fish chillin' in our stomachs. I added a picture: just notice the designer glasses and the shirt Crowe sported, which was regrettable when the temps dropped below 50. Ha ha.

The season is almost over now, which means one thing: YOU GOTTA MOVE OUT and cancel everything, which is a royal pain. I look forward to moving out as much as I look forward to watching hunting DVDs with Jon Meloan. I look forward to moving out as much as I look forward to a physical from a proctologist. I look forward to moving out as much as I look forward to getting a fastball in between the numbers from Billy Wagner. Ya' catch my drift?

Even though the season is coming to an end in a couple weeks, it's important -- even vital -- to end on a good note. That way, you can always look back on what you've done and where you came from six months prior to start the season. I found it gives me a better gauge on what I really need to improve on.

My first year, I didn't walk enough in Kinston and in my last month there I doubled my free passes from the prior months. Last year, I needed to improve on driving the ball the other way, not just hitting singles. The last couple months showed a night-and-day difference in backspinning the ball and getting some leverage into the gaps. This year, I'm simply trying to have better at-bats against left-handed pitching and I'm steadily improving. I'll have a better answer for you guys next year on the results.

I can't wait for the season to come to an end because although I'll miss the competition and excitement that every day produces, I'll be able to go home to my beautiful wife and son. It's tough because Damon is only a couple weeks old and back home with a mother doing it all by herself in Tucson. Some nights, I'll sit there trying to fall asleep while staring at the ceiling wondering what they're doing. I love them unconditionally and want to take this time to thank them both, especially my wife, for letting me do what I do without ever questioning. I know it's tough, but they allow me to concentrate and be myself on the field, so I thank you.

One more thing. Has anyone seen the sports in the Olympics this year? It's outrageous. I don't know how I'm able to get into ping-pong, but for some reason when the USA is flashed on their chest, I'm on the edge of seat yelling for Forrest Gump to destroy his opponent.

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