Player Poll: Warm nights are ideal

Minor Leaguers prefer playing under the lights, hate the cold

Players (and umps) have to bundle up with hoods and gloves on cold days. (Kevin Pataky/

By | September 7, 2012 7:09 AM ET

During Spring Training, we surveyed hundreds of Minor Leaguers on a variety of questions, from favorite players and post-game snacks to video games and dream teammates. Check back this season as we find out what prospects really think.

We asked Minor Leaguers, "What's the worst weather condition to play in?" We provided a few suggestions: cold, hot and humid, rainy or windy.

Think playing through rain is tough? According to the majority of players, getting comfortable on a cold, chilly night is the absolute worst.

Despite 2012 being the hottest year on record, most players voted against playing in cold weather, while others said they didn't like dealing with wind. Only a few said bad heat and humidity was a concern.

Here's the full breakdown:

Layer up
What's the worst game weather?
Weather Votes Percentage
Cold 249 65%
Windy 45 12%
Hot and Humid 43 11%
Rain 35 9%

With more 100 teams around the Minors, there's no shortage of clubs in areas that tend to have cooler temperatures during the year. Which teams endure the chilliest weather? Based on long-term temperature averages from weather data collected from 1981 to 2010 for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Climatic Data Center, here's a look at some of the coldest metro areas in the nation:

Coldest metro areas
Minor League teams in or near cool cities
City Daily Summer Mean °F
San Francisco, Calif. 61
Seattle, Wash. (Tacoma) 65
Portland, Ore. 67
Rochester, N.Y. 69
Buffalo, N.Y. 69
San Jose, Calif. 69
San Diego, Calif. 69
Milwaukee, Wis. (Appleton) 70
Denver, Colo. (Colorado Springs) 71
Pittsburgh, Penn. 71
Boston, Mass. (Lowell) 71
Minneapolis, Minn. 71
Providence, R.I. (Pawtucket) 71
Hartford, Conn. (New Britain) 71
* Cities in bold represent Minor League towns. Source: NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, 1981-2010.

Albuquerque's popular Isotopes Park glows under storm clouds at sunset. (Isotopes)

We also surveyed 382 Minor Leaguers during Spring Training with the following question: "Do you prefer day games or night games?"

Evidently, no one likes waking up early to suit up. A large majority of responders -- clearly not Cubs fans -- said they preferred to play under the lights, while 50 players picked an afternoon contest.

We suspect most fans and teams would agree, as night games mean at least two things: cooler temperatures and postgame fireworks.

Here's the full breakdown:

Turn on the lights
Do you prefer day or night games?
Daytime Votes Percent
Night 320 84%
Day 50 13%
No response 12 3%

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