Spinners set Bubble Wrap record

By Lowell Spinners | July 17, 2010 6:18 PM

LOWELL, Mass. -- The Lowell Spinners made history Saturday evening, setting the world record for most people popping Bubble Wrap simultaneously during the third inning of their as part of the celebration of 50 years of Bubble Wrap.

As they entered the park, every fan received a one-square-foot sheet of Bubble Wrap with instructions to not pop it until the middle of the third inning.

"We're sure it was very difficult for many fans to resist the urge to pop the Bubble Wrap immediately upon receipt," said Spinners vice president of communications Jon Goode. "I heard sporadic popping during the first few innings, but I believe most fans wanted to be a part of history."

In the middle of the third, the Spinners promotional team took the field and led a countdown as fans popped for 30 seconds. Players, staff and media members alike joined in the process as history was made to the sounds of popping. Following the popping, fans were asked to pass their used sheet to the end of the row where they were collected by staff to be counted.

After the tedious process of counting was completed, the Spinners came to a final tally of 3,692 popped sheets.

"We're sure there were instances of sheets that may not have been passed over or others that were popped prior to the record attempt, but we believe this is just about accurate," Goode said.

The Spinners, who previously set the Guinness Book of World Records record for largest game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" following their Aug. 14, 2004 game, are confident that a record has been set.

"The folks at Guinness didn't have any record of a previous attempt and we were unable to find any additional record," Goode said. "That being said, we believe this is a World Record."

The world record attempt was just part of the day's celebrations for Bubble Wrap, which also included a 50-year-old "Bubble Wrap Dance Floor," as 50-year-old fans danced to 50 Cent and the 50th fan through the main gates, Kevin Davis of Newburyport, won a year's supply of popcorn when the 50th out of the game was made on a popup.

"Aside from the score on the field, it was a great night for everyone," said Goode. "We're thrilled to have our fans be able to be a part of history."

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