The Interrogation Room: Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers at the plate during a 2011 Timber Rattlers game. (Ann Mollica/Wisconsin Timber Rattlers)

By Chris Mehring / Wisconsin Timber Rattlers | February 15, 2012 6:33 AM

Jason Rogers had two different stints with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers during the 2011 season. He steps into The Interrogation Room to talk about his early season injury, the rehab, twitter, and where he is willing to play defense.

The Interrogation Room: You got off to a good start in April, but got injured in a game against the Quad Cities River Bandits on April 24. Can you let the readers know what happened on that play?

Jason Rogers: Before the season I was dealing with carpal tunnel in my wrist, and throughout the early part of the season it got worse. On that play I swung at a high outside fastball. During mid-swing I heard a pop in my hand, and I put my head down for a second thinking I just broke something in my hand. The doctors decided that the hand-mate hook bone in my hand had broken off and that the injury was stress related to my carpal tunnel.

TIR: What did you do to rehabilitate the injury?

JR: I worked a lot on my grip strength and forearms.

TIR: How do you think you played after returning to the Timber Rattlers after the Midwest League All-Star Break?

JR: Coming back from an injury like that, it took me a couple weeks to get back into the swing of things. I didn't play like I wanted to, but there were still some good things that happen last season.

TIR: In an earlier edition of The Interrogation Room, Reggie Keen said that your long run followed by a diving catch in foul territory against the Quad Cities River Bandits tied for the best defensive play by a Rattler he saw this year. What do you remember about that play?

JR: Tied?!?! I still can't believe I made that play. There was an left hand hitter at the plate and the outfield was playing him to pull the ball. When he hit the ball it felt like I ran 20 yards because it was slicing away from me. But luckily I got a good jump on the ball and stayed with it to make a nice diving catch. The landing wasn't so nice.

TIR: Some people were surprised when you made some starts at first base late in the season. Would you let them know why they should NOT have been surprised?

JR: Because first base is my natural position, but I am willing to play anywhere to help the team win - if that includes playing shortstop or second, I'm willing to do it.

TIR: How was your offseason?

JR: My offseason was a much needed one. I spent a lot of time with family, friends, and training to become the best baseball player I can be for the upcoming 2012 season.

TIR: Was there anything that you were asked to work on to prepare for the 2012 season?

JR: The Brewers asked me to work mostly on my flexibility, weight loss, and strengthen my core. [So,] I've been working on improving my flexibility and core by incorporating P90X and Insanity training into my workouts.

TIR: You are on twitter as @JasonRogers2003. Are you really a hot air balloon pilot or is that just profile padding?

JR: Ha ha I wish. It was a joke that me and my teammates came up with last year. I wanted to see how many people would notice it but only a few commented on it.

TIR: Seriously, though, what do you enjoy most about twitter?

JR: I enjoy seeing the crazy stuff people tweet about every day, especially Chad "ochocinco" Johnson. He says some funny stuff when he's interacting with his followers.

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