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Weather Information & Rain-Out Policy

There are only 48 Regular Season home games each Season and the entire Pioneer League schedule runs on a very strict guideline. The Raptors will make every attempt to fit a game in on the date which it is scheduled.

If a game is postponed before five innings of play due to weather, guests may use that ticket for the makeup game, if applicable.

The game will be picked up from where it was stopped on the next available date both teams are scheduled to play each other, in accordance with the Pioneer League guidelines. It will be completed through a normal 9-Inning game. If the game has not yet started, it will be a 7-Inning Game 1 of a double-header. In either case, Game 2 with be 7 Innings long.

The Pioneer League has specific guidelines set up regarding playoff games. Tickets will not be refunded for a rained out game.