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Group Tickets

Bring your whole crew to come out and enjoy our yard!

Group Tickets

If you have a group of people looking to come to a game at Lindquist Field, the Raptors can custom-tailor a package that gives your group an exciting night out at the ballpark, and provides tremendous value for the money spent!

The minimum group size to receive discounted Group Tickets is only twenty (20), so whether you're a small business, an enthusiast club of any type, a local church or community group, the Ogden Raptors can take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on spending quality time with your people.

From tickets, to pre-game picnics, meal vouchers, Raptor bucks (accepted almost anywhere in the ballpark), or even souvenirs for your group, we can put together a package that will have your group chomping at the bit to come back!

To book your group night at Lindqiust Field, call 801-393-2400.