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Box Seat Vouchers

Choose which games you go to and save money over walk-up ticket prices!
Box Seat Vouchers

Box Seat Vouchers are designed for the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to choose the games you want to attend.

Vouchers are sold in packages as small as 20 Vouchers. This is a great ticket package option for those looking to save a few bucks off the walk-up ticket price. Box Seat Vouchers are $9 each, and can be redeemed for any available seat at Lindquist for the game of your choice! That's a potential savings of $3 per seat!

The flexibility of Box Seat Vouchers allows you to redeem a couple Vouchers for ten different games, all twenty of them for a single game, or anything in between!

Another great way to save time on the day of the game is you can exchange the Vouchers before game day. Single Game Tickets go on sale June 3rd, and, as soon as Single Game Tickets go on sale, you can redeem Box Seat Vouchers. From Opening Night to any game in September, redeem your Vouchers early so you can guarantee you have the best seat options available!

Box Seat Vouchers can also be scaled to fit your needs! Call 801-393-2400 for more info and to take advantage of this great offer. Hurry, because this offer is only good until June 3rd!

As if this isn't enough terrific value, for every voucher fans purchase this Season, the Raptors have committed to giving an equal number of restricted box seat vouchers to non-profit organizations. If you have one in mind, great! We'll get them the vouchers. If you don't have one in mind, we will pass on the vouchers to the great community programs we already support.

Box Seat Vouchers are only redeemable for any Regular Season game. Vouchers cannot be used for any special event or playoff game.