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ValleyCats Rain Out FAQ's

Please see below for frequently asked questions when it comes to a ValleyCats home game being postponed to a later date.

Q: What do I do with my tickets for the postponed game?

*A: *_In the case of a game being postponed, you may exchange your ticket from that night's game to any other ValleyCats regular season home game, pending availability. *_No refunds will be offered. *

Q: If I was part of a group outing or picnic, what should I do?

A: Please reach out to your group leader, as they will be directed to reach out to their ValleyCats representative to reschedule your group outing.

Q: If we were part of a group, do we have to use our tickets for the game that the rest of the group reschedules for?

A: Definitely contact your group leader first and see when they plan on rescheduling. If you cannot make the date they reschedule for, you may exchange your ticket to a game that you are able to make, pending availability. No refunds will be offered.

Q: If I'm a season ticket holder, can I still exchange my ticket from the postponed game for a later date?

A: Yes. Season ticket holders may use the ticket(s) from the postponed game and exchange them for the same level seating to any other ValleyCats home game.

Q: If we have tickets for the date when the postponed game is schedule to be a part of as a single admission doubleheader, can we attend both games?

A: Yes. If it's a single admission doubleheader, your ticket for that night's originally scheduled game, will be good for both games.

Assurance Tickets!

You can turn your individual ValleyCats ticket into an Assurance Ticket for a $3 upgrade per ticket. When you purchase an Assurance Ticket you are purchasing a fully transferable ticket. This a great option if you think your plans may change. Your tickets are fully transferable at any time prior to or after the game date, providing the ticket has not yet been used.

Prior to the Game Date:
Your tickets will be fully transferable to another game for tickets of equal or lesser value right up until they are scanned-in at the ballpark. Example: if you purchase tickets to the June 16th game, but for some reason, that game no longer works for you, you can transfer your tickets to another game of your choosing, based upon availability.

After the Game Date:
Following the game date, any Assurance Ticket not scanned-in for that game may be exchanged for a ticket of equal or lesser value to another game, based upon availability. Example: if you purchase five assurance tickets to a game, but only use three of them, you may trade-in your two unused tickets for tickets of equal of lesser value to another game, based upon availability.

Transfers must happen at the ValleyCats Ticket Office or over the phone. There are no cash refunds/credits given. The tickets must be transferred within the same season and cannot be transferred to another season. All transfers are subject to availability. A ticket may only be transferred once. Individual tickets that were purchased without the Assurance will be able to be upgraded should the buyer wish to exchange the ticket. Tickets with Assurance can only be transferred up until the game begins i.e. 7pm.

Individual tickets that were purchased without the Assurance will be able to be upgraded should the buyer wish to exchange the ticket up until the date of the game on the original ticket. Tickets with Assurance cannot be used for Playoff Games.

Group Tickets of any kind are excluded from this program.