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Hickory Crawdads Kickball League

Kickball is back in 2022!

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Rules, Standings and More!

The Crawdads are excited to announce the return of our adult recreational kickball league at LP Frans Stadium!

What are we playing for?

In addition to the unique experience of getting to play on a professional field, the winning team will get a team trophy plus each player will get a medal and a ticket to a Crawdads game. The team will also be honored in a pre-game ceremony before a 2023 Crawdads game.

Rules and Basics

Play will begin on Thursday, September 15th and will have 5 regular season games. In the event of bad weather, we will be in touch about adjusted schedules. Games will take place at 6, 7, and 8pm.

A maximum of nine players are allowed in the field at one time. A team can have up to fifteen players in the lineup and must rotate the "extra" players into the field each inning to give fair playing time.

Games will be six innings or 45 minutes in length, whichever comes first. Should a game be tied after six innings, the team will play extra innings with the last hitter out beginning on second base. A mercy rule will into effect should one team be up by 12 runs through 3 innings.

Each team will select their color to be worn throughout the season. Matching uniforms are not required, but teams must wear their color shirt for their games. Teams will get to select their color based on the order they register for the league.

A minimum of six players is required to play a game. If a team does not have six players present fifteen minutes after their designated start time, they will forfeit the game. The game will be recorded in the standings as a 6-0 loss. Any delay while waiting for the minimum number of players to arrive will count towards the 45 minute game maximum length.

At the end of the season, the top six teams will qualify for a postseason tournament. The standings will be determined by wins. In the event of a tie in wins, the tie-breaker will be the team's run differential. The top two seeds will have a bye in the first round of playoffs. Seeds 3 & 6 will play the 6pm slot and 4 & 5 will play at 7pm. Seed 1 will play the lower ranked team that advances in the second round. The championship game will take place at 8pm.

In the event of rain or unfavorable field conditions, the Crawdads have the right to postpone or cancel a game. The league will notify the team captain who is responsible for informing the rest of the team. The Crawdads staff have the right eject/suspend players based on unsportsmanlike conduct.

More Information

Parking will be available free of charge in the Crawdads lots. Entrance will be through the main gate.

Games will be open to spectators and the concession stand will be open for beverages and light snacks

For any questions about the league, please reach out to Daniel at [email protected]


Standings are through the first week of play, based on winning percentage. The first tie-breaker is run differential, with the second tie-breaker being total runs scored.

Playoff Teams:

*First *Bunch of Jerks (1-0)

Second Ballbusters (1-0)

*Third *Kicking It Old School (1-0)

*Fourth *Dudley Shoals Baptist (1-0)

*Fifth *Just for Show (1-0)

Sixth One Kick Wonders (1-0)

Rest of Field:

Seventh Ace of 2nd Base (1-0)

Eighth Our Kicks Don’t Lie (1-0)

*Ninth *Ballsanga (0-1)

*Tenth *Thundercats (0-1)

*Eleventh *Crustacean Nation (0-1)

Twelfth Power Surge (0-1)

*Thirteenth *Catawba Valley Insurance Agency (0-1)

*Fourteenth *Jeeperz Creeperz (0-1)

*Fifteenth *We Got the Runs (0-1)

Sixteenth Catawba Kickers (0-1)