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Pigs Pass Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pigs Pass?
The Pigs Pass is a new ticket option that grants fans access to a general admission ticket for every IronPigs home game they wish to attend.

How much does the Pigs Pass cost?
A Pigs Pass subscription is just $35/mo for each of the five months (April, May, June, July and August) of the season. The fee will automatically be charged on the first day of each month.

Is there a limit to the number of games I can attend with a Pigs Pass?
No! Any pass holder will be able to attend any game they would like. You'll be able to come to as many of our 70 home games as you'd like with a Pigs Pass.

Can I use my phone to get into the games?
Yes! Your mobile Pigs Pass ticket will grant you access to the games.

Are Pigs Pass tickets able to be upgraded?
Pigs Pass tickets cannot be upgraded. They are available solely as general admission tickets.

When can I cancel my Pigs Pass?
You may cancel at any time and receive no further charges. Simply contact the ticket office at (610) 841-PIGS (7447) before the next month's charge is applied to cancel your Pigs Pass.

How do I know if the Pigs Pass is a good option for me?
If you love coming to games at Coca-Cola Park, and would like the flexibility to attend whichever games you'd like, this is a great option for you!