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Hillcats' Falwell honored as 'King of Baseball'

December 10, 2005
Lynchburg Hillcats' President Calvin Falwell was crowned the "2005 King of Baseball" Thursday night in Dallas at the annual Baseball Winter Meetings Banquet. The "King of Baseball" is a long-standing tradition in which Minor League Baseball salutes a veteran from the world of professional baseball for long-time dedication and service.

Falwell has been owner and president of the Carolina League franchise since 1966, and has long been known as "Mr. Baseball" in the Virginia city. Last year, the newly renovated playing surface at Lynchburg City Stadium was officially named Calvin Falwell Field.

Falwell was an original member of the Minor League Baseball Board of Trustees (BOT) when that group was formed at a Dallas meeting in 1992. He served as the Carolina League's representative on the BOT through the 1998 season.

The Lynchburg franchise was honored in 1998 with Minor League Baseball's highest award, the prestigious John H. Johnson President's Trophy. The trophy is presented annually to honor the complete baseball franchise, based on franchise stability, contributions to league stability, contributions to baseball in the community and promotion of the baseball industry.