Player Poll: Wings and a cold one

Minor Leaguers keep it simple with post-game food choices

Minor Leaguers were high on Chilil's wings and burgers, and Chipotle's tasty Mexican menu.

By Staff | September 12, 2012 11:56 AM ET

This season, we surveyed hundreds of Minor Leaguers on a variety of questions, from favorite players and post-game snacks to video games and dream teammates. Check back this season as we find out what prospects really think.

Hot dogs and Cracker Jacks? That's for the game. But what about a little postgame snack? When it comes to something better than the clubhouse spread, Minor Leaguers head out for a fancy dinner.

Not really -- in short, the popular food options are pretty predictable for athletes in their 20s: beer and wings.

We surveyed 382 Minor Leaguers with the question, "What's the best thing to order at Chili's at 11:30 p.m. after a game?"

We're assuming the popular bar and grill is fairly common in most Minor League towns (and we're assuming those drinking are all of age), but either way, players came back with a wide variety of menu options.

Related, we always see players tweeting about Chipotle and In-n-Out often, the later being a popular burger place mostly on the West Coast. We realize not everyone has had a chance to get out there, but we popped the question anyway: Chipotle or In-n-Out Burger?

Post-game Chili's snack
Chili's dish Votes Percent
Beer 42 11%
Wings 35 9%
Burger 33 9%
Chicken Crispers 22 6%
Fajitas 17 4%
Queso dip 14 4%
Salad 11 3%
Southwestern eggrolls 11 3%
Sampler/Triple-dipper 10 3%
Chicken sandwich 10 3%
Steak 9 2%
Chips and salsa 8 2%
Cajun chicken pasta 7 2%
Quesadillas 4 1%
Ribs 4 1%
Appetizers 4 1%
Other items receiving three votes or fewer: Margarita, Molten cake, Cheese fries, Strawberry lemonade, Whiskey, Chicken alfredo, Chocolate milkshake, Mozzarella sticks, Tea, Tacos, Dr. Pepper, Potato skins, Nachos, Fajita lime chicken, Orange soda.

As for our other pre/post-game meal question, the loyalties were pretty clear: Chipotle's burritos and tacos won big:

Chipotle or In-n-Out?
Gourmet fast food Votes Percent
Chipotle 250 66%
In-n-Out Burger 106 28%
No response 26 6%

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