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WooSox Tickets for June are on sale now

May 24, 2021

Club releases its season-long promotional schedule; Friday Night Fireworks presented by Unibank head the list Fireworks also set for July 3 and 4

Club releases its season-long promotional schedule;

Friday Night Fireworks presented by Unibank head the list

Fireworks also set for July 3 and 4

WORCESTER, MA – With single game tickets for June’s two homestands on sale now at and the Polar Park Ticket Office, the WooSox today unveiled their full season promotional schedule. Seven themes, one for each day of the week, are the basis for the schedule. Friday Night Fireworks presented by Unibank head the list.

TUESDAYS: THE POLAR PARK COLLECTION: Homestands in 2021 begin on Tuesdays, and the WooSox provide free photos that comprise the “Polar Park Collection.”

On Opening Day, the WooSox were able to print photos of the pre-game ceremonies and first pitch of the game in time to distribute them to fans as they exited the park. The gifts were sponsored by DCU.

This past Tuesday, the club distributed another double-photo gift—the ballpark site before Worcester was chosen, and the ballpark, shot from the same perspective, just eight weeks ago. That item was presented by Harpoon.

Each Tuesday, a photo of Polar Park construction milestones will be given to fans.

WOMEN ON WEDNESDAYS: THE WOMEN OF WORCESTER: Each Wednesday, the WooSox shine the spotlight on a woman who is making contributions in the community. On the first Wednesday of the season (May 12), Ballpark Design Advisor Janet Marie Smith was the honoree. On the second Wednesday (May 19), the club paid tribute to its neighbor, the YWCA, and its new Executive Director, Deb Hall.

Fans can nominate candidates by writing to [email protected].

THURSDAYS ARE COLLEGE NIGHTS: Now that Covid-19 restrictions are set to ease at Polar Park starting June 1, the club will provide special opportunities for college students on Thursday nights. June 3 will be the first College Night. A special ticket price of $15 includes $9 of loaded value, good for food and drink at concession stands. Details will be posted at

FRIDAY NIGHT FIREWORKS PRESENTED BY UNIBANK: After every Friday night home game, the WooSox present a splendid show set to musical themes. After the first Friday game, May 14, the club celebrated the Music of Worcester and Massachusetts, with music from local singers and musicians, as well as music about the Commonwealth. Tomorrow’s medley (May 21) celebrates the multi-cultural music of Worcester. In addition to the 10 Friday night shows, the club will present two more fireworks shows, after the games on July 3 and 4.

The complete list of all 12 fireworks shows is as follows:

1. Friday, May 14 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank The Music of Worcester

2. Friday, May 21 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Multicultural Music Theme

3. Friday, June 4 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Celebration of Asian-American

& Pacific-Islander Theme

4. Friday, June 18 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Motown & More:

A Celebration of Juneteenth

5. Friday, July 2 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Patriotic Theme

6. Saturday, July 3 Fireworks: Unibank Patriotic Theme

7. Sunday, July 4 Fireworks: Unibank Patriotic Theme

8. Friday, July 16 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Superhero

9. Friday, July 30 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Prince & Princesses

10. Friday, August 13 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Latino Music

11. Friday, August 20 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Beatles

12. Friday, Sept. 10 Friday Night Fireworks: Unibank Pride

SUNSET CATCHES ON THE FIELD PRESENTED BY DUNKIN’ EACH SATURDAY: After Saturday games, which begin at 4:05 p.m., fans can step onto Worcester’s “Field of Dreams” and play catch as twilight begets sunset.

FALLON HEALTH FAMILY FUNDAY SUNDAYS ARE CAPPED WHEN KIDS RUN THE BASES PRESENTED BY H.P. HOOD: Sunday afternoon games, which start at 1:05 p.m. except July 4 (6:35 p.m.), include many elements of fun for families and children, all presented by Fallon Health. After the game, Kids Run the Bases, an event presented by H.P. Hood.

Mondays are off days in 2021.

In addition to the promotions and experiences that occur each day of the week throughout the home season, the club has several additional promotional dates, the first of which took place on Saturday, May 22:

SENIORS OPENING DAY WALK THIS SATURDAY PRESENTED BY HUMANA: The club presented a special opportunity to seniors, presented by Humana. Fans 65 and older will be invited to come to Polar Park to walk the warning track from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. The morning walk was a pilot for the future uses of Polar Park when the team is on the road, and during the off-season as well.

During the Opening Homestand, the club also presented a Front Line Heroes Opening Day (May 12), an Educators Opening Day (May 14), a Kids Opening Day (May 15), a Veterans Opening Day (May 18), and will present Multicultural Opening Day tomorrow (May 21).