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For all college students who wish to pursue a seasonal job with the PawSox for the 2019 season, please send a cover letter and resume to by January 15, 2019.

Those selected for a first round interview will be contacted by the end of January. Assignments often include ticket sales, ballpark operations, concessions, the PawSox Baseball Store, mascot team, street team, finance, media relations, and game day promotions.

Participants have access to the top leaders in the organization and are exposed to various aspects of marketing, communications, public relations, and corporate social responsibility as well.

Thank you for applying to join us in the Pawsox Summer Jobs Program.


Pawtucket Red Sox Intern Alumni
Brenna McShane Boston Red Sox
Adam Perri Boston Red Sox
Christine Flannery Providence College Athletics
Michael Torrelli Harvard Athletics
Matt Lawrence Boston Red Sox
Jeff Wagner Alliance of Actions Sports, LLC
Sarah Hurd Virginia Tech Athletics
Kara Hutchinson Boston Celtics
Mike Aud Boston Celtics
David Cohen Boston Celtics
Sarah Emmett Big East
Pat Walcek Boston Celtics
Michaela Sweet Philadelphia Flyers
Brittany Richard Providence Sports Group
Courtney Oliver Hofstra University Athlectics
Greg Eaton Colorado State Athletics
David Wilson Georgetown University Athletics
Ove Asendorf Falmouth Commodores
Barrett Holden Chicago Bulls
Emily Walthouse Los Angeles Dodgers



"Interning with the Paw Sox allowed me to gain valuable experience in a number of different departments with a top tier professional sports team. I learned skills that are essential to a successful career but what really made the experience was the awesome group of individuals that make up the PawSox front office."
Barrett Holden - Holy Cross '13
"The internship with the Pawtucket Red Sox gave me the opportunity to experience the business operations of a professional sports franchise all while working with a professional and experienced staff."
Joe Maguire - UMASS Amhearst '12

"Being an Intern for the PawSox was one of the best experiences I have had. I learned so much about how the industry works and how important each aspect of the job is, and having a great time and meeting great people while doing so."
Ben Norowski - Syracuse '12

"My time as the Media Relations and Public Relations Intern for the Pawtucket Red Sox was an incredibly hands-on experience. I was thrown into the fire from Day One- being sent to the locker room on my first day in the middle of the game to collect quotes from John Lackey after his rehab start- and I left the position knowing exactly what to expect from a job in a minor league baseball organization. The internship is what you make of it, and calling McCoy Stadium my "office" for a summer is something I'll never forget."
Adam Giardino - University of Connecticut, '11

"My internship with the Pawtucket Red Sox has been a great experience. Working here during the offseason through the season has enhanced my ability to learn what it takes to work with a sports organization. Being given the chance to manage the Pawsox ticketing system and work closely in the ticket office has shown me how a Triple-A ballclub is run. I was also given the opportunity to make group sales calls which has further developed my communication and customer service skills to a higher level. The experience alone has been great, and I would recommend any college student looking for a step in the sporting industry to apply."
Adam Perri - Springfield '11

"I just wanted to thank you and the entire PawSox organization for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern with such a great organization. I have had a few internships since my time with the PawSox but I can honestly say that I learned the most while at McCoy. It was definitely the most beneficial internship I had and I believe this work experience was one reason I was offered the position at Georgetown."
David Wilson - Providence College '12

"Interning with the PawSox made me realize why I am passionate about working in baseball. I learned about the creativity, endurance, and teamwork necessary to run a ballpark, and began to love working in that kind of environment. Every member of the front office supported me as an intern who wanted to make an impact in during my time in Pawtucket and as a young professional aspiring to begin a career in baseball. The people I met and the experiences I had while working for the PawSox undeniably led me to where I am today."
Emily Walthouse, Villanova University '16