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Southern League
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Corey Ray MVP Hero
League Award Winners
1972 Mike Reinbach Asheville Tourists
1973 Jayson Moxey Columbus Astros
1974 Nyls Nyman Knoxville Sox
1975 Mike Squires Knoxville Sox
1976 Larry Foster Knoxville Sox
1977 Alan Trammell Montgomery Rebels
1978 Eddie Gates Memphis Chicks
1979 Danny Heep Columbus Astros
  Alan Knicely Columbus Astros
1980 Steve Balboni Nashville Sounds
1981 Tim Laudner Orlando Twins
1982 Brian Dayett Nashville Sounds
1983 John Morris Jacksonville Suns
1984 Andres Galarraga Jacksonville Expos
1985 Jose Canseco Huntsville Stars
1986 Terry Steinbach Huntsville Stars
1987 Tom Dodd Charlotte O's
1988 Matt Winters Memphis Chicks
1989 Eric Anthony Columbus Mudcats
1990 Jeff Conine Memphis Chicks
1991 Ryan Klesko Greenville Braves
1992 Javy Lopez Greenville Braves
1993 Carlos Delgado Knoxville Smokies
1994 Mark Johnson Carolina Mudcats
1995 Jason Kendall Carolina Mudcats
1996 Derrek Lee Memphis Chicks
1997 Ben Grieve Huntsville Stars
1998 Gabe Kapler Jacksonville Suns
1999 Brady Clark Chattanooga Lookouts
2000 Joe Crede Birmingham Barons
2001 Josh Phelps Tennessee Smokies
2002 Aaron Miles Birmingham Barons
2003 Corey Hart Huntsville Stars
2004 Richard Lewis West Tenn Diamond Jaxx
2005 Delmon Young Montgomery Biscuits
2006 Joey Votto Chattanooga Lookouts
2007 Evan Longoria Montgomery Biscuits
2008 Gaby Sanchez Carolina Mudcats
2009 Desmond Jennings Montgomery Biscuits
2010 Dave Sappelt Carolina Mudcats
2011 Paul Goldschmidt Mobile BayBears
2012 Hunter Morris Huntsville Stars
2013 Marcus Semien Birmingham Barons
2014 Jake Lamb Mobile BayBears
2015 Max Kepler Chattanooga Lookouts
2016 Tyler O'Neill Jackson Generals
2017 Kevin Cron Jackson Generals
2018 Corey Ray Biloxi Shuckers
2019 Drew Waters Mississippi Braves
1972 Bill Campbell Charlotte Hornets
1973 Doug Konieczny Columbus Astros
1974 Paul Siebert Columbus Astros
1975 Bob Maneely Orlando Twins
1976 Dave Ford Charlotte O's
1977 Greg Field Orlando Twins
1978 Bruce Berenyi Nashville Sounds
1979 Geoff Combe Nashville Sounds
1980 Andy McGaffigan Nashville Sounds
1981 Jamie Werly Nashville Sounds
1982 Stefan Wever Nashville Sounds
1983 Don Heinkel Birmingham Barons
1984 Ken Dixon Charlotte O's
1985 Steve Davis Knoxville Blue Jays
1986 Anthony Kelley Columbus Astros
1987 Brian Holman Jacksonville Expos
1988 German Gonzales Orlando Twins
1989 Laddie Renfroe Charlotte Knights
1990 Brian Barnes Jacksonville Expos
1991 Mark Wohlers Greenville Braves
1992 Jim Converse Jacksonville Suns
  Jerry Spradlin Chattanooga Lookouts
1993 Oscar Munoz Nashville Xpress
1994 Brad Clontz Greenville Braves
1995 Luis Andujar Birmingham Barons
1996 Curt Lyons Chattanooga Lookouts
1997 Scott Eyre Birmingham Barons
1998 Bruce Chen Greenville Braves
1999 Francisco Cordero Jacksonville Suns
2000 Mark Buehrle Birmingham Barons
2001 Chris Baker Tennessee Smokies
2002 Vinnie Chulk Tennessee Smokies
2003 Joel Hanrahan Jacksonville Suns
2004 Brad Baker Mobile BayBears
2005 Ricky Nolasco West Tenn Diamond Jaxx
2006 Spike Lundberg Jacksonville Suns
2007 Chris Mason Montgomery Biscuits
2008 Todd Redmond Mississippi Braves
2009 Travis Wood Carolina Mudcats
2010 Tom Koehler Jacksonville Suns
2011 Matt Moore Montgomery Biscuits
2012 Brandon Maurer Jackson Generals
2013 Archie Bradley Mobile BayBears
2014 Justin Nicolino Jacksonville Suns
2015 Jorge Lopez Biloxi Shuckers
2016 Ryan Yarbrough Jackson Generals
2017 Michael Kopech Birmingham Barons
2018 Zack Brown Biloxi Shuckers
2019 Trey Supak Biloxi Shuckers
1972 Joe Sparks Knoxville Sox
1973 Billy Gardner Jacksonville Suns
1974 Jim Napier Knoxville Sox
1975 Dick Phillips Orlando Twins
1976 Rene Lachemann Chattanooga Lookouts
1977 Eddie Brinkman Montgomery Rebels
1978 Bobby Dews Savannah Braves
1979 Jimmy Johnson Columbus Astros
1980 Carl "Stump" Merrill Nashville Sounds
1981 Tom Kelly Orlando Twins
1982 Gene Lamont Jacksonville Suns
1983 Roy Majtyka Birmingham Barons
1984 Charlie Manuel Orlando Twins
  Rick Renick Jacksonville Suns
1985 Carlos Alfonso Columbus Astros
  John McLaren Knoxville Blue Jays
1986 Gary Tuck Columbus Astros
1987 Tommy Thompson Jacksonville Expos
1988 Buddy Bailey Greenville Braves
1989 Jeff Newman Huntsville Stars
1990 Ron Gardenhire Orlando Sunrays
  Jerry Manuel Jacksonville Expos
1991 Chris Chambliss Greenville Braves
1992 Grady Little Greenville Braves
1993 Terry Francona Birmingham Barons
1994 Gary Jones Huntsville Stars
1995 Bruce Kimm Orlando Cubs
1996 Mark Berry Chattanooga Lookouts
1997 Randy Ingle Greenville Braves
1998 Mike Ramsey Mobile BayBears
1999 Dave Trembley West Tenn Diamond Jaxx
2000 Dave Bialas West Tenn Diamond Jaxx
2001 John Shoemaker Jacksonville Suns
2002 Wally Backman Birmingham Barons
2003 Frank Kremblas Huntsville Stars
2004 Jayhawk Owens Chattanooga Lookouts
2005 Razor Shines Birmingham Barons
2006 John Shoemaker Jacksonville Suns
2007 Don Money Huntsville Stars
2008 Phillip Wellman Mississippi Braves
2009 Ever Magallanes Birmingham Barons
2010 Bill Dancy Tennessee Smokies
2011 Turner Ward Mobile BayBears
2012 Billy Gardner Jr. Montgomery Biscuits
2013 Andy Green Mobile BayBears
2014 Andy Green Mobile BayBears
2015 Carlos Subero Biloxi Shuckers
2016 Daren Brown Jackson Generals
2017 Jake Mauer Chattanooga Lookouts
2018 Mike Guerrero Biloxi Shuckers
2019 Morgan Ensberg Montgomery Biscuits
1979 Art Clarkson Memphis Chicks
1980 Frances Crockett Charlotte O's
1981 Allie Prescott Memphis Chicks
1982 Art Clarkson Birmingham Barons
1983 Art Clarkson Birmingham Barons
1984 Bruce Baldwin Greenville Braves
1985 Frances Crockett Charlotte O's
1986 Gary McCune Knoxville Blue Jays
1987 Peter Bragan Jr. Jacksonville Expos
  Bill MacKay Huntsville Stars
1988 Art Clarkson Birmingham Barons
1989 Bill Lee Chattanooga Lookouts
1990 Steve DeSalvo Greenville Braves
1991 Bill Lavelle Charlotte Knights
1992 Bill Davidson Chattanooga Lookouts
1993 Joe Kremer Carolina Mudcats
1994 Bill Hardekopf Birmingham Barons
1995 Joe Kremer Carolina Mudcats
1996 Don Mincher Huntsville Stars
1997 Dan Rajkowski Knoxville Smokies
1998 Steve DeSalvo Greenville Braves
1999 David Hersh West Tenn Diamond Jaxx
2000 Don Mincher Huntsville Stars
2001 Frank Burke Chattanooga Lookouts
2002 Bill Shanahan Mobile BayBears
2003 Peter Bragan, Jr. Jacksonville Suns
2004 Brian Cox Tennessee Smokies
2005 Joe Kremer Carolina Mudcats
2006 Greg Rauch Montgomery Biscuits
2007 Steve DeSalvo Mississippi Braves
2008 Joe Kremer Carolina Mudcats
2009 Jonathan Nelson Birmingham Barons
2010 Brian Cox Tennessee Smokies
2011 J. Frank Burke Chattanooga Lookouts
2012 Bruce Baldwin Pensacola Blue Wahoos
2013 Jonathan Nelson Birmingham Barons
2014 Chris Peters Jacksonville Suns
2015 Brian Cox Tennessee Smokies
2016 Jonathan Nelson Birmingham Barons
2017 Harold Craw Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp
2018 Chris Morgan Mobile BayBears
2019 Rich Mozingo Chattanooga Lookouts
2004 Lori Webb Southern League Office
2005 Betty Adams Mobile BayBears
2006 Marla Terranova Montgomery Biscuits
2007 Karlie Evatt Jacksonville Suns
2008 Lauren Chesney Tennessee Smokies
2009 Elizabeth Taylor Birmingham Barons
2010 Lori Webb Southern League Office
2011 Marla Terranova Vickers Montgomery Biscuits
2012 January Squyres Jacksonville Suns
2013 Barbara O'Berry Jacksonville Suns
2014 Morgan Billups Chattanooga Lookouts
2015 Lauren Chesney Tennessee Smokies
2016 Miranda Black Mississippi Braves
2017 Donna Kirby Pensacola Blue Wahoos
2018 Amber McClure Pensacola Blue Wahoos
2019 Kelsey Thompson Biloxi Shuckers