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50/50 Raffle

Support the Astros Foundation by participating in our 50/50 Raffle. Purchase tickets throughout the ballpark during all home games at Constellation Field. One lucky fan will win big every time!

The one winning ticket will be selected each game with the winner receiving half of that game's net raffle proceeds and the Astros Foundation receiving the other half! The Astros Foundation seeks to harness the passion of baseball fans to support youth sports and education programs, the recognition/honor of our nation's military, childhood cancer and domestic violence awareness efforts and to reduce homelessness.

Raffle winners may claim their prize at the Guest Services Center located at the top of Section 16 by presenting the winning ticket during the game or at the Astros Foundation Office in downtown Houston - please email [email protected] to schedule a convenient time to drop by our office. Winners must claim their prize within 30 calendar days after the drawing date. Additional terms and conditions apply. Please click Raffle Rules below to review all applicable rules, terms, and conditions of the Space Cowboys Share2Care Raffle.

The Astros Foundation is looking for enthusiastic individuals to sell charitable 50/50 raffle tickets during Space Cowboys home games this season. Join the team by hitting the button below!

50/50 Raffle Winners (4/12-4/17)
Game Date Winning Ticket Jackpot Total to Winner Status
April 12 vs. RR A-1957996 $2,129 $1,065 Claimed
April 13 vs. RR B-1431924 $419 $210 Claimed
April 14 vs. RR C-2538652 $607 $304 Claimed
April 15 vs. RR D-1992321 $783 $392 Claimed
April 16 vs. RR E-1712450 $1,291 $646 Claimed
April 17 vs. RR F-1543117 $437 $219 Claimed
50/50 Raffle Winners (5/3 - 5/8)
Game Date Winning Ticket Jackpot Total to Winner Status
May 3 vs. ELP G-2512091 $643 $327 Unclaimed
May 4 vs. ELP H-2896175 $833 $417 Claimed
May 5 vs. ELP I-22090075 $103 $52 Unclaimed
May 6 vs. ELP J-2765538 $1,152 $576 Unclaimed
May 7 vs. ELP K-2389111 $3,325 $1,163 Claimed
May 8 vs. ELP L-1754831 $1,769 $885 Claimed
Game Date Winning Ticket Jackpot Total to Winner Status
May 17 vs. RR M-1085215 $162 $81 Claimed
May 18 vs. RR N-2559303 $589 $295 Claimed
May 19 vs. RR O-1116022 $257 $129 Claimed
May 20 vs. OKC P-1936564 $850 $426 Claimed
May 21 vs. OKC R-1346095 $1,503 $752 Unclaimed
May 22 vs. OKC S-2638493 $1,233 $617 Claimed