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The Official Site of the Sugar Land Space Cowboys Sugar Land Space Cowboys

While the Sugar Land Space Cowboys might not have been around before the 2010s, they are going through the wormhole for a whole new look debuting in 2024.

Set as a ‘Fauxback’ to match the style of a bygone era, the Space Cowboys are entering an alternate timeline beginning on May 10-11 with Fauxback Weekend and every Friday home game through August 9, wearing the caps and jerseys of the Sugar Land Space Cowboys ‘when they existed’ in the decades of the past. Sugar Land’s fauxback jerseys feature a cascading gradient of the Space Cowboys navy vice blue and orange in a tequila-sunrise homage with retro block lettering ‘Space Cowboys’ across the front. A re-designed four-pointed star, normally glinting off the visor of the Space Cowboys primary logo, is retrofitted in a nod to the Astros primary star logo of the past. The star serves as the primary logo for Sugar Land’s fauxback and is displayed as the logo wrapped in orbit on the Space Cowboys fauxback vice blue hats.

Space Cowboys fauxback merchandise, including hats, is available now for purchase in the Galaxy Gifts Team Store or online at the link below. Fauxback Friday dates and tickets can also be found below.

Fauxback Dates & Tickets