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All About Swatson

Birthplace: Sugar Land, Texas

Height: Really Tall

Weight: 1 Ton of Fun!

Favorite Song: "Fly" - Sugar Ray

Favorite Food: Peanuts & Cracker Jacks

Favorite Movie: A Bug's Life

Celebrity Crush: Emma S-Watson

Likes: Hugs, High Fives, and Skeeters Fans

Dislikes: Car Windshields and Fly Swatters

Want Swatson at your next event? Fill out an appearance request form here to have your favorite green mosquito be a part of your special occasion!

Coloring pages, games, and more - check out the different activity and coloring pages Swatson has to print out right at home!

Swatson LOVES receiving mail from his fans! Send Swatson your pictures and letters here and he'll send you a personalized response!