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ValleyCats Loaded Tickets

The Following Restrictions Apply:
  • Loaded Value may be redeemed at any Joseph L. Bruno Stadium concession or merchandise point-of sale by having the barcode on your ticket scanned.
  • Loaded value must be used on the date indicated on the ticket and expires at the conclusion of the selected game.
  • If you make a purchase for less than the total value on the ticket you will not receive cash back. However the value remaining may be used for future purchases during that game.
  • Multiple loaded value tickets may be used for the same transaction.
  • Loaded value may be combined with other forms of payment (i.e. cash, credit card) to complete a transaction.
  • Loaded value is not refundable and may not be redeemed for cash.
Game Postponement / Cancellation

If a game is postponed any portion of the loaded value that is unused also remains valid for the replacement game. Should the game be postponed or cancelled, loaded value tickets may be exchanged based on the original value of the ticket. The ticket may be exchanged, subject to availability, for any future regular season home game. Loaded tickets may be exchanged at the ValleyCats Box Office at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium.