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Below are the top 10 fan-voted foods from the past decade! Please vote for one only to determine which food returns to the menu in 2020!

Rocky Balburrito (2019)

Cheesesteak rolled into a burrito with cheese, onions and green peppers and deep fried.

Mt. Wing Suvius (2018)

The mixture of mac 'n cheese, beer cheese and buffalo chicken filling the center of a tower of onion rings.

Beer Cheese Poutine (2017)

Pulled pork, barbeque pork, beer cheese and green onions over waffle fries.

Dutch Love (2016)

A combination of turkey pot roast, gravy, cheese curds and french fries wrapped up in a pita.

Hot-To-Tot (2015)

Buffalo chicken and bleu cheese covered tater tot concoction.

Augger Dogger (2014)

Deep-fried hot dog on a stick wrapped in spiral potato chips.

Baco (2013)

It's the taco with a bacon shell.

West Side Po' Boy (2012)

Loaded Kielbasa sandwich.

Chicks With Sticks (2011)

Fresh-cut vegetables with hummus made from "Chick" peas.

Declaration of Indigestion (2010)

Half-pound foot-long hot dog covered in a Philly cheese steak (steak, cheese, peppers and onions) and served on a gigantic sub roll.

What Food Do You Want to See Return in 2020?
Rocky Balburrito
Mt. Wing Suvius
Beer Cheese Poutine
Dutch Love
Augger Dogger
Westside Po' Boy
Chicks with Sticks
Declaration of Indigestion