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Q: What is FanRally?

  • A: FanRally is a fan-friendly ticket integrator that makes redeeming access passes as easy as possible, as well as purchasing additional tickets, or even additional memberships!

Q: What is the purpose of FanRally?

  • A: Making ticket redemption as easy as possible is our goal and FanRally allows you to redeem access passes in just a few clicks. It also makes it more affordable for fans as there is no redemption fee.

Q: How many access passes can I redeem at one time?

  • A: You may redeem up to four (4) access passes, per package, per game. For example, if you have two (2) Premium Select packages, you will be able to redeem eight (8) at one time. However, you can purchase additional tickets at the package price, making those additional tickets cheaper than our single-game pricing.

Q: How many games can I redeem at once?

  • A: You can do one game at a time. However, with it being much simpler, it is more time efficient.

Q: Can I share my tickets with my family or friends?

  • A: You can! You will have to redeem the access passes for tickets before you can forward tickets via email or text message.

Q: Can I release tickets after I redeemed my access pass for a ticket?

  • A: Releasing tickets must be done 24 hours in advance of the game time to receive your access pass back.

Q: Can I upgrade to a better section?

  • A: Upgrading tickets is possible up to two (2) tiers. There is a cost associated with upgrading, which is just the difference between the cost of the tiers plus tax.

Q: What if there are no seats available in my selected package?

  • A: Wind Surge seats are all subject to availability. You are able to upgrade for a cost or downgrade free of charge using an access pass. If you do not want to use an access pass to downgrade, you will have to purchase tickets at our single game pricing.

Q: How long can I hold tickets in my cart?

  • A: FanRally allows you to hold seats for up to five (5) minutes before releasing them.

Q: Where can I find the barcode associated with my tickets?

  • A: Barcodes will not appear on your tickets until four (4) hours before the start time of the game.

Q: Can I sell my access passes?

  • A: No. Access passes are not resellable.

Q: Can I use the access passes for other events at Riverfront Stadium?

  • A: No. Access passes can only be redeemed for Wind Surge regular season home games.

Q: If I do not use all of my access passes, can I get a refund or a credit for next season?

  • A: No. If any access passes go unused, they will not be refunded, nor will credit be applied to next season.

Q: When can I start to redeem my access passes?

  • A: December 13th.

Q: When is the FanRally introduction event?

  • A: December 13th in the Wichita Baseball Museum at Riverfront Stadium.