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Vote for your favorite mascot name using the form below!

Disclaimer: The Beloit Sky Carp Front Office will consider many factors before choosing a mascot name, including but not limited to community popularity (votes), marketability, and relevance to the Sky Carp brand/mission. These factors together will determine the winning name.

In the past month, we received over 1,500 suggestions for the name of our new mascot! We've reviewed the multitude of names submitted and have selected a list of five (5) finalists, based on the popularity of the name (number of times it was submitted) and the overall relevance to the Sky Carp brand.

Below are the five (5) finalists along with a short description of their meaning/significance.

Homer – A goose who chooses not to migrate in the winter. Homer is here to stay.

Honk Aaron – A tribute to perhaps one of the most famous baseball players of all time, and a Milwaukee legend.

Rocky – The beautiful Rock River runs along the left field side of ABC Supply Stadium and is one of the most well-known features of Beloit and the Stateline region, this name pays tribute to it.

Poopsie – From the Oxford English Dictionary, "A small child (especially a child of the speaker); a sweetheart. Chiefly as a term of endearment or affectionate form of address." The origins of Poopsie date back to the 1930s; it's earliest use is found in The Sheboygan Press and is perhaps alteration of popsy, after tootsy. Plus, we all know geese poo is one side effect we can't avoid!

Scarpie – Sky + Carp(ie) = Scarpie! A winning combination if we’ve ever seen one!