New challenges await defending NWL Champions

With a fourth title in the past seven years, Vancouver Canadians fans expectations will grow even more in 2018

NWL Manager of the Year Rich Miller congratulates the fans of Vancouver on a wonderful season at Scotiabank Field. (Mark Steffens - Fotoguy)

By Rob Fai / Vancouver Canadians | September 14, 2017 3:02 AM ET


(Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium - Vancouver, B.C.) - The first 24 hours for any Vancouver Canadians fan after winning a Northwest League Championship always seem to be the hardest. For weeks you are building up to the post-season and the hope that maybe, just maybe, our boys are good enough to win the whole thing. Then the playoffs arrive and you realize that despite the highs and lows of a 76-game in 82 night schedule that your team is now just days away from adding their names to the Championship history that is building at a rate faster than anyone else in the league, and then -- it happens and the Canadians are once again Northwest League Champions!  

The euphoria of the moment is worth the wait as players that you have cheered on for months are now hoisting up the Bob Freitas Trophy and spraying champagne from every corner of the clubhouse. High-fives, hugs and a sore throat by night's end are all a part of the magic that this ballpark provides.  

And then, it's over.

By sunrise the next morning, 80% of the Canadians roster is already on a place back toward their hometown's with a summer's worth of stories and memories that will last a lifetime. By the end of the day, the players and coaches are gone, the food and beverage is all cleared out and the only thing that remains are the echoes of nearly a quarter of a million fans that packed Nat Bailey Stadium this summer.

The transition is immediate, instantaneous, and at times hard to process. You go from 60-to-0 as fast as you go 0-to-60 when the season arrives.

Think of the things we saw this season!

Reggie making one diving play after another in centerfield. Kacy knockin' 'em in and pickin' them out of the dirt all season long. The man behind the mask Riley Adams calmly bringing our pitching staff along as he grew more and more into a future Major Leaguer by the day. The first-rounders Logan Warmoth and Nate Pearson. Warmoth had an answer for everything this season, especially in the playoffs. Big Nate made us consider the purchase of a three-digit radar gun displaye after nearly breaking our current one with each and every 100+mph fastball.  

Every player had a story and a great moment or two, and suddenly those are now just memories.  

As fans, now we once again begin the countdown to the 2018 Northwest League season where for the 4th time in franchise history, we open up with the bullseye on our backs as Champions of this level.

So what now for the Vancouver Canadians?

On the field we will once again look to the Toronto Blue Jays to provide us with a collection of bright young men whom will all work together to bring us something we can be proud of both on and off the field. We also hope they bring us a coaching staff that allows our players to develop and build confidence in their games at the professional level.

We look to you for support as when this ballpark gets going, there is absolutely no better place to watch a Minor League Baseball game then right here in our own backyard.

We promise in return to work tirelessly this off-season to find new and creative ways to bring you back more than ever in 2018. Fun gate giveaways combined with partners that love baseball. We will work to build our menu more than ever before with a summer in the sunshine on our minds as we continue to try and think outside the box. Finally, we will remain committed to you. We will still be out and about in your community doing our best to grow the game of baseball and support you in your efforts outside from the ballpark. Our love for the game and our fans is unmatched, and starting today, just minutes after the final Championship pitch of the 2017 season, we are already back in the office thinking of what we can do better than ever to keep you believing that a day or a night out at Scotiabank Field is still the best summertime experience in Vancouver.

Thank you for your support this season, we couldn't have done any of this without you.



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