Vancouver Canadians Mascot Appearances

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By Vancouver Canadians | November 13, 2013 8:56 AM ET

Did you know that Bob Brown Bear and our infamous Sushi Mascots make more than 100 local community appearances each and every year? Bob and/or our Sushis can be found at all types of events, celebrations and special moments.

Do you have a special event that you would like Bob or one of our Sushi Mascots to be a part of? Contact the Vancouver Canadians by calling 604.872.5232 or click here to e-mail our Community Relations Department. We will try our hardest to bring Bob or a Sushi out to create memories for your event.

Why Do We Call Him Bob Brown Bear?

When Bob was discovered at the ballpark back in 2008, our staff quickly realized that he was a huge baseball fan and loved the hometown Canadians. We decided that this loveable bear should represent not only our team but the great history of baseball in Vancouver.

Bob Brown, who was Vancouver's "Mr. Baseball," is long remembered by baseball purists as the man who kept baseball alive through both World Wars and the depression. Brown not only brought the legendary Babe Ruth to town for local fans to see, but he was also instrumental in housing professional baseball in Vancouver by building two stadiums (including Capilano Stadium in 1951, which is known today as Nat Bailey Stadium).

Brown was a player, manager and owner during his more than 60 years of dedication to baseball here in the Pacific Northwest. The Vancouver Canadians felt it was fitting to honour our game's great local history by naming our mascot after a man who loved the game and kept it thriving in our city.

To learn more about the life and times of Bob Brown, click here.

What's the deal with the Sushi Mascots?

The Vancouver Canadians have not one, not three, but FOUR super cool Sushi Mascots that race around Scotiabank Field each and every home game. Known for their friendly competitive spirits, Mr. Kappa MakiMs. BC Roll, the dreaded Chef Wasabi and our newest menace Sadaharu Soy, are a part of the amazing experience at a C's home game.

Back in 2008, the Vancouver Canadians were looking for a group of mascots that could help create an exciting spectacle each game. In Milwaukee they race sausages. In Washington they race Presidents. In Pittsburgh they race pierogies. So when it came to finding a group of mascots that would say 'Vancouver' to the rest of North America, Sushi just felt like the right mascots that could 'roll with the best of them'.

Mr. Kappa Maki is simply a few slices of cucumber wrapped in rice and then rolled in a piece of dried seaweed. Sleek and light - Mr. Kappa Maki is always a tough competitor.

Ms. BC Roll is a little more sophisticated in her make-up; she is a combination of barbecue BC smoked salmon and fresh cucumber with a little mayonnaise to keep her rollin'.

Whether you buy wasabi in root form or as a green powder, there is one thing that is for sure - Chef Wasabi is one spicy addition to our Sushi Race! 

…and then there is the dreaded Sadaharu Soy! Known for his tricks and head starts, Sadaharu Soy quickly made a name for himself around the ballpark because of the crazy and fun ways he would try to win the race. But as they say, cheaters never prosper!

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