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Welcome to Capital One Premier Plays! While you're here, check out the the high-flying, gravity-defying plays that we're voted as the Play of the Month in previous campaigns. Then CLICK HERE to participate in the next round of voting!

2024 Capital One Premier Plays of the Month Winners

Tolentino's juggling act - March/April

This ball hit Milan Tolentino's glove three times before it finally stopped moving. The Double-A Akron third baseman was shifted pretty far into the hole against the lefty hitter. He nearly overran the ball but was able to reach back, get the glove to it and stay with the play.

2023 Capital One Premier Plays of the Month Winners

Lee Sang hits the track - April

Down the Shore everything's alright. This Marcus Lee Sang play edged out another incredible nominee by a Blue Claws outfielder during its Plays of the Week voting. Lee Sang's flailing, over-the-shoulder grab on a fly ball brought him crashing down onto the warning track in center -- a carnival-like catch that fits right in near the boardwalk.

Stubbs masters new domain - May

C.J. Stubbs is a catcher by trade, but he's seeing more time at first for Double-A Corpus Christi. The fearlessness that comes with being a backstop clearly hasn't worn off. Stubbs tracked down this pop-up well over the dugout railing and managed to land on his feet.

Adams’ soaring grab - June

Jordyn Adams is one of the few prospects in the Minors with 80-grade speed, the highest possible mark on the scouting scale. The 23-year-old didn't really have to turn on the jets for this play. But the Triple-A Salt Lake center fielder got back to the wall and timed his jump perfectly to pull back an extra-base hit.

Flint pulls one back ... again - July

This wild home run robbery wasn't even Tucker Flint's first of the contest for Double-A Rocket City. Flint, who earned Play of the Week for this grab, hasn't played much left field in his two Minor League seasons, staying mostly at first base and right field -- though he seems to have found a new home.

Juggling act gets Rave reviews - August

The broadcast view of John Rave's juggling catch doesn't quite do the play justice, so credit to the Storm Chasers' media team for this angle, which allows for a full appreciation of the play. The center fielder shows immense concentration as he snags the ball and falls to the track.

2022 Capital One Premier Plays of the Month Winners

Duzenack's heads-up play - April

4/9/22: Somewhere out there is a Little League coach with an ear-to-ear smile because Camden Duzenack stayed with the play. The Reno second baseman was head's up all the way as he played the deflection -- on a nifty backhand swipe by reliever Mack Lemieux -- and fired a strike to the plate to keep a run off the board.

Sharp, Herrmann combine for out - May

5/7/22: Rochester hurler Sterling Sharp had his survival instincts tested on this Ronald Guzman comeback liner. Fortunately, his limbo move was just quick enough to get his head clear and free and his glove to the ball. Finally, Sharp's batterymate, Chris Herrmann, sprung into action to clean up this wild play with an accurate throw to first.

Cardinals' Davis flips over fence - June

There were quite a few plays in June that saw fielders flip over fences to get an out. On this one, Springfield outfielder Jonah Davis ran a long way to chase down the fly before doing a front flip over the short fence along the first base line and into the bullpen.

Midland's Harris goes head over heels - July

This play is probably a lot more difficult than it looks. And it doesn't seem easy. Start with the shift putting Brett Harris a little further from the dugout than usual. End with his heels pointing straight in the air as he flips over the railing. But, the out was made. And Harris stayed in the game.

Plagge takes matters into his own hands - August

Any further and Bowen Plagge could have measured this putout in kilometers. He started on the mound, where he induced a grounder to second, and ran the 60-feet, 6-inches to the plate before getting the ball back. Then it was a 90-foot sprint for the first tag and another (almost) 90 feet to finish off the 4-5-2-5-1 double play for Single-A Kannapolis.

Pandas' Teodosio lays out for the grab - September

Bryce Teodosio is a mainstay on our top plays lists. So was left fielder Jeremiah Jackson. This play would have been one of the best for either of them. It took a couple seconds after the play to actually see who came down with the ball. Of course, it was Teodosio who made the play in traffic, just as he's done in outfields down South since his days at Clemson.