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Welcome to Capital One Premier Plays of the Week, where we determine the best plays from across Minor League Baseball!

Watch all five nominees below for the week of May 25-31 and vote for your favorite. Vote as many times as you'd like -- there are no limits! Voting ends Sunday, May 28, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

Capital One Premier Plays of the Week voting has ended for this period. Thank you for participating.

Congratulations to Syracuse's Luis Guillorme, who was voted by fans as this week's top play winner! Check back in soon for the next round of voting!

'Los Manos' returns (40 percent of the vote)

Luis Guillorme's teammates once nicknamed him "Los Manos" because of the slick defensive plays he makes on the field and in the dugout. He's been a Major League regular the past couple of years but has brought those terrific hands back to Syracuse as few can pull off this behind-the-back flip.

Wilson's quick reflexes (24 percent)

Weston Wilson's best on-field play will always be his proposal to his now-wife, Madison, in 2017 when he was in the Brewers organization. But as far as in-game plays go? This one for the IronPigs is pretty memorable. Wilson showed incredible reflexes to make the snag, and Jim Haley helped out with a nice stretch.

Alvarez throws from his knees (23 percent)

On the 20-80 scouting scale, Braves No. 15 prospect Ignacio Alvarez has a 50 grade for his arm strength, but that doesn't factor in the quick release seen on this throw. The Rome shortstop was shaded up the middle and had to go back to the hole to make the diving stop, then deliver a strike from his knees.

The prime primo (10 percent)

José Devers is the cousin of All-Star third baseman Rafael Devers. But unlike his cousin, he hasn't seen much time at the hot corner -- just two games, in fact, both coming last week with Double-A Pensacola. But in one of his 10 total chances at the position, he made this diving stop to start a difficult double play.

Durbin and Sweeney get the out (3 percent)

Earlier this year, Caleb Durbin showed good body control on a slide to avoid a tag for Somerset. This play is further proof that good things happen when Durbin leaves his feet. The glove flip to second probably had more air under it than he would have liked, but the ball landed in time in Trey Sweeney's outstretched bare hand.

Previous Winners

Stubbs masters new domain - May 18-24

C.J. Stubbs is a catcher by trade, but he's seeing more time at first for Double-A Corpus Christi. The fearlessness that comes with being a backstop clearly hasn't worn off. Stubbs tracked down this pop-up well over the dugout railing and managed to land on his feet.

Dean gets up like The Kid - May 11-17

Justin Dean has made dozens of plays that prove he's a tremendous defender and terrific athlete, but considering he's 5-foot-8, it's difficult to see this catch coming. The M-Braves center fielder propped himself up with a foot in the outfield wall like Ken Griffey Jr. and propelled himself toward the sky to haul in the fly ball.

Ward just does it - May 4-10

Perhaps it was the spirit of Phil Knight in Eugene that made Braiden Ward show off his hops in this game for Spokane. Ward made a different leaping catch against the wall in the right field gap in the inning prior to this home run robbery. Tracking it down with his back to the infield, Ward leaps to steal a would-be dinger on the backhand.

Keirsey shows off the hops - April 20-26

DaShawn Keirsey Jr. is no stranger to top plays lists, which should come as no surprise considering the athleticism he displays here for Wichita. Keirsey comes close to a complete stop to time the jump perfectly, then leaps to make the grab just as the ball passes the fence. "Posterized" is a term usually reserved for basketball, but freeze this clip at the right time, and that's an image that belongs on a poster.

Lee Sang hits the track - April 13-19

Down the Shore everything's alright. The first of two incredible nominees by Blue Claws outfielders belongs to Marcus Lee Sang. This flailing, over-the-shoulder grab on a fly ball brought him crashing down onto the warning track in center -- a carnival-like catch that fits right in near the boardwalk.

Siani's heave, Pereda's pick - April 6-12

It's always fun to see an outfielder show off the hose. Louisville's Michael Siani had his momentum going forward after snagging this liner, and he unloaded a strong throw to the plate. Awaiting that throw was backstop Jhonny Pereda, who made a brilliant pick on the short hop and swiped the tag on the runner in the same motion.

Jack gets it Dunn - March 31 - April 5

Jack Dunn was an Economics major at Northwestern before being drafted by the Nationals in 2019. Knowing he had to be economical with his time after making this diving stop on a hard grounder up the line, the 26-year-old heaved the ball across the diamond from his knees and got it to the bag on a hop.