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Host Families

Hosting a Loons player is a really great opportunity! As a host family, you provide a player a "home away from home." During the summer, you get an inside look at minor league baseball and have an incredible chance to help a young man follow his dream to make the big leagues. Most players and host families form bonds with each other that last well beyond the end of the season.

Hosting a player from another country is also very rewarding. Many of the Latin players have never lived in America before. Families are able to learn about other cultures and ways of life, meanwhile helping these young men through the day-to-day challenges of living in a new country. 

Loons host families are only required to provide a bedroom with a bed and access to bathroom facilities. Players are responsible for their own transportation, phone calls, laundry, and dining. Host families are not compensated by the Loons. Families may charge rent, up to $150/month per player, but must provide food if room & board is charged.

We are also always in need of temporary housing for players. Many times during the season players arrive on very short notice. The Dodgers provide up to 3 days in a hotel, but after that, the players are on their own. If you are not sure about a whole summer and would like to try helping us on a temporary basis, get in touch with our coordination team.

You, as their host family, will be a big part of their success in Midland and the beginning of their career as a professional baseball player.

Click here for more detailed information about being a host family.

For more information or questions regarding hosting a player, contact a Host Family Coordination Team member: Kathy Dahl Biskupski (989-708-9655), Penny Robinson (989-859-0605) or Michelle Servinski (989-615-6415). Or email: [email protected].