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MBF 50/50 Raffle

Are you feeling lucky? Participate in the Michigan Baseball Foundation 50/50 Raffle and you could pad your wallet during a Loons home game at Dow Diamond! 50% of the net proceeds benefit the Michigan Baseball Foundation, while 50% goes towards the nightly jackpot.

License # C26055 • Organization ID # 136361

50/50 Pricing

Raffle Ticket Options

3 for $5, 10 for $10, 100 for $20

How to Play

Pot Updates

Updates are available at any of the handheld selling units, at the monitor located at Guest Services, or periodically on the Dow Diamond videoboard.


Up to three sellers with handheld units will sell at every Great Lakes Loons game. Additionally, a stationary sales kiosk will be located at Guest Services. Sales begin when gates open and will run until the end of the 7th inning. Once sales conclude, a winning number will be announced on the Dow Diamond videoboard, accompanied by a public address announcement. The winner will be asked to immediately proceed to Guest Services to claim the nightly jackpot.

Contingency Plan

If a game is canceled before raffle sales are set to begin, no raffle will take place. If a game is canceled after sales have begun, sales will end immediately at the time of cancellation, a winning number will be announced.

Redemption Claim Period

The winning ticket number will be announced during the allotted times on the raffle license. However, if the winning ticket is not presented, the number will be posted on and can be redeemed up to 60 days after the raffle date.

Refund Policy

If any ticket is sold after the winning ticket has already been drawn, a full refund will be issued to the purchaser.


Must be 18 years old or older to purchase.

Winning 50/50 Raffle Numbers

Game Date Number Daily Jackpot
Tuesday, July 27th MBF-1457627 $537
Wednesday, July 28th MBF-3068441 $548
Thursday, July 29th MBF-7039121 $636
Friday, July 30th MBF-9537996 $770
Saturday, July 31st MBF-8705491 $1,426
Sunday, August 1st MBF-6678614 $920
Tuesday, August 3rd MBF-4093704 $526
Wednesday, August 4th MBF-8874884 $673
Thursday, August 5th MBF-6367967 $840
Friday, August 6th MBF-1610828 $1,714
Saturday, August 7th MBF-909130 $1,892
Sunday, August 8th MBF-9314681 $1,212
Tuesday, August 17th MBF-7325375 $801
Wednesday, August 18th MBF-110130 $368
Thursday, August 19th MBF-127646 $3,240
Friday, August 20th MBF-122073 $935
Saturday, August 21st MBF-125600 $3,069
Sunday, August 22nd MBF-101460 $1,296
Tuesday, August 31st MBF-104259 $647
Wednesday, September 1st MBF-111205 $264
Thursday, September 2nd MBF-121805 $1,351
Friday, September 3rd MBF-106409 $1,307
Saturday September 4th MBF-126389 $2,788
Sunday, September 5th MBF-100272 $1,485
Tuesday, September 14th MBF-110930 $548
Wednesday, September 15th MBF-110140 $453
Thursday, September 16th MBF-140437 $1,892
Friday, September 17th MBF-101834 $2,123
Saturday, September 18th MBF-110919 $2,614
Sunday, September 19th MBF-112454 $1,113

Game Date Number Daily Jackpot Jackpot Amount Claimed

July 27 MBF-1457627 $537 $1,074 Yes