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Having Prom at Dow Diamond

Prom is a big deal for most teenagers. It can be one final opportunity to gather with classmates and celebrate the end of high school. Friends can choose to go together or individuals can go as couples to solidify their relationships. It’s an opportunity for students to show off their fashion sense by dressing up in beautiful gowns and sleek tuxedos. For organizers and chaperones, there’s much that goes into planning this major social event. One of the most important decisions to make is the venue.

High school administrators who wish to host their school’s prom in a unique and fun setting should consider Dow Diamond as the venue. The home of the Great Lakes Loons in the Great Lakes Bay Region offers several desirable amenities, including adequate event space and delicious dining accommodations. Here, we highlight the advantages of choosing Dow Diamond as your prom venue and how our team can make this special night even more memorable.

Reasons Why the Ballpark Is an Ideal Prom Venue

When you think of prom venues, a baseball stadium might not be your first choice. However, Dow Diamond is a great host to more than just the hometown team and their fans. Dow Diamond is available for facility rentals and can serve as the venue for a variety of events and gatherings, such as corporate events or parties, wedding ceremonies, and even high school proms.

Those considering having their school’s prom at the home of the Great Lakes Loons can expect the following advantages:

Plenty of Space for the Dance Floor

Depending on class size and how many students you anticipate attending, prom venues need to accommodate a large gathering. Between the students, their dates, teachers, chaperones, and administration, the list of attendees can quickly add up. Dow Diamond offers plenty of space and can accommodate proms of various sizes. The stadium features 20,000 sq. ft. of available enclosed event space, meaning there will be plenty of space out on the dance for students.

Prom Theme Accommodations

Another important part of prom planning is the theme. Tying the theme together requires the venue to be set up or decorated in a specific way. Our team can transform the event space to match your prom’s theme and create a setting that’s both appropriate and fun. Clients can select which decorations will be added, how tables and chairs will be arranged, and where the DJ will set up. Before the day of the prom, clients will have the opportunity to make any changes they wish. You always have the final say over how the venue looks for your event.

Customized Prom Menu

Students will most likely work up an appetite from all their dancing. If you choose to provide food, our team can customize a menu that offers several delicious options. While traditional ballpark items such as burgers and hotdogs are always an option, we can also provide upscale cuisine.

If you choose customized dining, our professional catering company can create a personalized menu for you to offer at your prom. Prom planners can sample all the food and beverages before the menu is finalized to ensure all items meet their expectations. Should any students or other attendees have any dietary restrictions, our catering company can accommodate them by tailoring menus accordingly.

Host Your Prom at Dow Diamond

Hit a home run by choosing Dow Diamond in the Great Lakes Bay Region to play host for your school’s prom. The state-of-the-art stadium offers several great amenities, as well as first-class accommodations, to help make prom night even more special for students. To ensure everything is up to your standards, our team works closely with prom planners and high school administrators, making sure to go over all aspects of the prom in detail. For more information about prom venues in Midland, Michigan, at Dow Diamond, or to book an event space for another school-sanctioned event, reach out to Great Lakes Loons today.