Renegades offer Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer position with front office

The Renegades have extended James Holzhauer the opportunity to live out his lifelong dream of working in professional baseball, to sign a one-day contract to be the team's General Manager.

By Morgan Rumpf | May 3, 2019 1:44 PM

Holzhauer, 35, who is from Las Vegas, Nevada, won his 21st straight Jeopardy! game on Thursday, May 2 making him the second longest-running contestant. His overall winnings so far exceed $1.5M.


The Renegades feel bringing Holzhauer on board will be a great asset for front office operations based on his mathematically-gifted mind. He will be able to exploit current weaknesses, and have the courage to take a risk with new tactics to ensure long-term success for the club.


Having a champion of his magnitude at Dutchess Stadium, Trivia Night's on Thursdays will be nothing like fans have ever seen before.


The contract being offered is a one-day, General Manager position with the possibility of future employment.


The Renegades are waiting on a response from Holzhauer.



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