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Employment Opportunities

Welcome to the Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp employment page. The Jumbo Shrimp currently have openings in the following areas (click on the position to see description):

Full Time Openings

Internship Openings

Seasonal Openings

  • GAME DAY TICKET SELLER: One of the first points of guest interaction, the game day ticket seller will staff a ticket window at the box office approximately one hour before the gates open for that night's game and work until the majority of the crowd has been served, approximately an hour after the game begins. The Jumbo Shrimp utilizes the Glitnir ticketing system, and the game day ticket seller will work in an efficient manner to meet the fans' needs for ticket purchases, exchanges, and upgrades at the ticket window.
  • KIDS ZONE ATTENDANT: The kids zone attendant will staff one of the multiple children's attractions at the 121 Financial Ballpark. From the speed pitch to the giant inflatables to the carnival-style games, the attendant is responsible overseeing the safety of those in the area as well as ensuring everyone is having FUN. Arrival time would be approximately one hour before gates open and end time would be dependent on crowd size.
  • MERCHANDISE STORE EMPLOYEE: From stocking and organizing the store prior to the gates opening on game day to assisting customers with their merchandise purchases, the employee will provide top-notch customer service while maintaining organization and attention to detail. Additionally, the merchandise employee may also be operating satellite merchandise kiosks, as well as hawking smaller items in the stands. Arrival time would be approximately a half hour before gates open, and end time would be dependent on crowd size but could be following the game on busier nights. Retail experience is a plus.
  • GUEST RELATIONS: The guest relations area at the 121 Financial Ballpark will be the customer service and fan information hub of the ballpark. The guest relations staff will greet fans with a smile and help them resolve any issue they may have, from ticketing to getting their child's birthday greeting on the video board. The guest relations members will staff the area from when gates are open through the end of the game, with a focus on service and ensuring fans' expectations are exceeded on all levels.
  • 50/50 TICKET SELLER: Ticket sellers sell tickets to fans for the nightly 50/50 charitable raffle at Jumbo Shrimp home games. Sellers should comfortably handle large cash transactions, credit card machines and the sale and distribution of 50/50 raffle tickets throughout their work shift. They work to engage fans and staff to spread awareness of the 50/50 raffle program. They solve problems quickly and efficiently and answer questions fans may have about the 50/50 raffle program. Ticket sellers are responsible for meeting and/or exceeding designated sales goals per game. Preferred candidates will be available to work a majority of the 70 home games, arriving 1.5 hours prior to game time.
  • FAN EXPERIENCE REPRESENTATIVES: The Jumbo Shrimp's most visible and helpful game day employee, the ideal Fan Experience Representative candidate is outgoing, knowledgeable about the ballpark and its rules and regulations, and enjoys interacting with people and having FUN. The Fan Experience Representatives will be located throughout the ballpark, including entry areas of the stadium. Fan Experience Representatives will also serve as friendly faces in many tasks including, assisting fans to their seats, answering any questions guests may have, inspection of bags brought into the ballpark by guests and other tasks as needed. These staff members will also direct entry and exit of guests through areas within the ballpark. Arrival time would be approximately a half hour before gates open, when they would wipe down and prepare their seating section, and last until at least the final out of the game, pending postgame activities.
  • GAME DAY CLEAN TEAM: Team members will work throughout the game keeping the 121 Financial Ballpark clean. Responsibilities will include keeping the main concourse tidy, responding to spill calls, emptying trash receptacles throughout the game, keeping restrooms clean and stocked with paper products and soap, and generally keeping the stadium presentable. Team members will generally arrive a half hour before the gates open and work through the end of the game, reporting to the stadium operations manager. Candidates may also be considered for non-game day work.
  • BAT BOY: Collecting bats from the field is the part you have probably seen at a game, but there is more to the job of a bat boy - from filling water jugs before the game to getting the dugouts prepared, and any other duties as assigned by the Clubhouse Manager. All bat boys must be at least 16 years of age by Opening Day (April 11).
  • ID CHECKER: Fans consuming alcohol at Jumbo Shrimp games must first stop by an ID Check station to have their age verified and receive a wrist band from an ID Checker. ID Checkers will arrive at the ballpark a half hour before the gates open, and end time will be - based on crowd size - no later than the seventh inning when alcohol sales end.

Please note that all job categories require that employees can speak and understand the English language. Also, all employees are required to be team players. Speed of service and outstanding CUSTOMER SERVICE is required of all employees. All employees will be expected to attend an alcohol awareness and food safety class before their first day of work.

Concessions Manager: Responsible for overall operation of a concession stand to include knowledge of setting up a stand, determining levels of production, cleanliness and sanitation of the concession stand, quality of customer service, alcohol awareness, proper handling of cash, inventory, and the knowledge to clean and close the stand at the end of the shift.

Concessions Floor Supervisor: Responsible for directing and overseeing all aspects of the operation of the concession stands, with an emphasis on quality of service and customer satisfaction. Management experience preferred.

Warehouse Manager: Responsible for the operation of the warehouse. The duties are to include directing and overseeing the receiving and verifying of deliveries from purveyors, proper storage, care, and inventory of all products, and distributing products to all areas of the stadium. The warehouse manager will work in conjunction with the managers to ensure that all deliveries are dispersed in the most efficient fashion.

Vending Manager: Duties to include directing and overseeing the entire hawker operation in the stadium. This will include preparation and cooking of assorted items, ensuring that all products being sold are being dispersed at proper temperature to enhance customer satisfaction. Also, you will be responsible for inventory and cash transactions with the hawkers.

Suite Attendant: Responsible for food and beverage service to the suites. This will include assuring that all pre-game orders are placed in the suites properly in a timely and accurate manner. A suite attendant must be alert and attentive to the wishes of the fans in the suites and check intermittently to see if they want to order anything else and to see if there are other non-food and beverage issues that you may be able to assist with for them. At the end of the shift the suite attendant will be responsible to accept payment from the fans. It is important to remember that you are responsible for the customer satisfaction in the suites.

Concessions Worker: Help set up the concession stand per the concession manager's instructions. Take food and drink orders from fans using a point of sales terminal, gather the items ordered, and accept payment for the products. Help close and clean the concession stand at the end of the shift per the concession manager's instructions.

Concessions Cook: Prepare hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, French fries, etc. per the instructions of the concession manager. Must have experience fry-cooking and grill cooking.

Bartender: Responsible for taking orders from the fans, using a point of sales terminal, either dispensing or mixing a drink in addition to food sales. Accept payment from fan.

Warehouse Worker: Duties will include receiving and verifying deliveries from purveyors, then storing them in areas as directed by the warehouse manager. Also, you will put product orders together and deliver them to different areas of the stadium. Perform duties as directed by the warehouse manager that may include cleaning and maintenance throughout the stadium.

Keg Operator: Insure all kegerators are cooling and running efficiently. Store kegs throughout stadium based on specials for that game. Stock and tap kegs throughout entire stadium based on keg layout. Throughout the game, ensure all kegerators are pouring efficiently, have enough C02 and kegs are replaced when emptied.

Vending Hawker: Duties will include to sell food and beverage in the seating bowl and along the stadium concourse before and during the event. The hawker will be responsible for all cash transactions with the fans and will reconcile the money and inventory with the vending manager at the end of the shift. Employee needs to be in good physical condition and be able to carry loads of up to 50 pounds up and down the stairs of the stadium. Hawkers are responsible for ensuring accurate inventory after each game.

Line Cook: Prepare and cook all items, as directed by the chef or kitchen manager, using recipes when appropriate. Must have experience with deep-frying, convection oven cooking, cold food prep, etc. Must be knowledgeable of all food handling requirements as specified by the Health Department. You will be expected to follow any other requirements as directed by the chef or kitchen manager.

Kitchen Utility: Follow any requirements as directed by the chef or kitchen manager. This may include, but not limited to, assisting the line cooks in food prep or cooking, cleaning and sanitation of the kitchen, and cleaning all dishes, small wares, and utensils as directed. Also, you will be involved with delivering food to various parts of the stadium when needed.

Pantry Steward: Assist suite attendants in setting up suites, breaking down, and cleaning up at the end of an event. Also, assist suite attendants as needed during an event.

Cashier: Greet customers, provide customers with information on daily specials and discount deals. Ensure that correct order has been placed. Take payment and tender change, process credit card payment. Ensure order freshness, and quality before serving to guest. Service customer's request and complaints and make sure the complaint is brought to the notice of the shift manager. Ensure counter and work space are kept clean and organized always, restock work stations and supplies at the end of each shift. Ensure all cash and credit card transactions are turned in at the end of each shift, and handle discrepancies according to company policies.

Jacksonville Baseball LLC is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in the workplace.