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Ticket Policy/Rainout Info

General Ticket Policy

Absolutely NO CASH REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Fans 4 years of age or older are required to have a ticket, Children 3 and under are admitted without a ticket, unless they require a seat.

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp are not responsible for tickets that are shared, or resold, after the initial transaction takes place at the Jumbo Shrimp ticket office or online through

The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp management reserves the right to revoke a ticket at any time

All tickets purchased over the phone within 7 days of the game will be left at "Will Call"

Unused full season tickets and miniplan tickets (Weekender and Fireworks) may be exchanged for General Admission tickets to any remaining Jumbo Shrimp game. Ticket exchanges are based on availability and are on a ticket for ticket basis (not based on the dollar amount of the ticket). All other unused tickets purchased are no longer valid past the date of the game printed on the ticket and may not be exchanged for any future game unless the Rain Check policy applies (see below).

Rain Check Privileges

If the game is officially postponed prior to the middle of the fifth inning (4 1/2 innings, if the Jumbo Shrimp are ahead) because of weather conditions, the ticket bearer may exchange their ticket for a future regular season game of his or her choice. Fans are entitled to a ticket of equal or lesser value, subject to availability. All transactions must take place at the Jumbo Shrimp Box Office. There are no monetary refunds given.

Rainy Day Terminology

Rain Delay - A rain delay is when the game is officially delayed. The grounds crew will cover the infield with the tarp with hopes of the weather passing field conditions allowing play to resume later that day. Delays can last upwards of two-hours and a game may be delayed more than once. Tickets cannot be exchanged in the event of a rain delay.

Rainout- A rainout is when a game is postponed due to rain. When this happens, the game is usually rescheduled into a double header; often times two seven inning games are scheduled. Sometimes the game may be postponed and resumed from the point of the postponement. In the event of a rainout, tickets may be exchanged at the box office window in person for a ticket of equal or lesser value to any regular season home game based on availability. If you purchased your tickets over the phone and the tickets are still at Will Call the Jumbo Shrimp will hold the tickets and you may exchange them at a later date.

Rain Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I do if it is raining before the game?
A: If it is raining before the start of a game, our Grounds Crew has been hard at work protecting the field against the elements. This being the case, if the rain stops before the scheduled game start time, the game will continue as planned. If the rain continues into the scheduled game time, team management will invoke a rain delay. We will update the front of our website to keep you informed as to the status of that day's game.

Q: What do I do if it begins to rain during the game?
A: If it begins to rain during the game, our Grounds Crew will quickly place a large tarp across the infield. At this time, our staff will work with the umpires, along with local weather outlets, to ascertain the immediate weather outlook. If the teams feel that the inclement weather will pass, a rain delay is put into effect. If it is determined that the inclement weather will not pass in a reasonable amount of time, an official rainout is declared. We will update the front of our website to keep you informed as to the status of that day's game.

If a rainout is declared after four and a half innings of baseball have been played, a game is considered "official." In this case, there will be no ticket exchanges.