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Suite Catering

Here you will find everything you need to place a catering order for your Skybox Suite game for this season. Please read all instructions carefully!

Once you have read all considerations and instructions fully, you may access our ordering system at the bottom of this page to create your account and place your catering Order.


Now, let's get you started on setting up your account and placing your first order.

The first thing you need to do is SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT.


On the main page for the ordering website, you will see in the upper right hand corner that you can click on "SIGN UP FREE" to create your account. Click on "SIGN UP FREE" and then you will be asked for your name, an email address and a password.


Now that your account is set up you can go back to the ordering website and click on "LOGIN NOW" to place your order. Once you will click on "LOGIN NOW" you will be asked for your username and password and then you will be able to place your order.

On the main page you will see the Jumbo Shrimp catering logo on the upper left side. Under the logo is a heading that reads "ALA CARTE" which is the main page and has all of the FOOD menu items. If you click to the right of the header there will be an arrow. Clicking on the arrow will give you the option to go to the "BEVERAGE" page which has all of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage selections.

Now you can begin to place your Catering order. Once you have selected the items that you would like for your game you will then click on "*PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" *which will be on the right side of the page under the menu items you have selected.


There you will be asked to select the date that you would like the order for. Click on the box below the question and there will be a calendar where you can order up to 30 days in advance. Then you will need to enter the Suite number that the food is to be delivered to. You will next be asked to enter your credit card information with the credit card billing address. Upon your initial order there will be a box checked that will allow the software to "SAVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION". Saving your credit card information will allow the payment process for future orders to go quickly. Uncheck the box if you are not comfortable with the system storing the information or if it is a one time order with that credit card. Once you have completed filling in the required fields you will then click "SUBMIT" to finalizeyour order.

The website will confirm that your order was submitted to Jumbo Shrimp Catering. You will also receive an email confirming that your order was received by Jumbo Shrimp Catering.

Here are some important considerations when placing orders with our online ordering system:

  • Pre-orders must be placed on-line three business days in advance (weekends do not count as a part of these two days). For example, to place an order for a Sunday game, orders must be received by end-of-day Wednesday prior. There will be no exceptions-this software will not allow you to place orders if you are beyond the deadline.
  • If the deadline has passed but you would still like to order food for your suite on the day of your game, you can place a Game Time Order with your Suite Attendant when you arrive. Game Time items available are designated with a diamond next to the item on the menu.
  • Credit Card information must be given at the time of the order IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY CREATED AND ACCOUNT AND SAVED A CREDIT CARD TO YOUR ACCOUNT. This information is handled securely and will be deleted from our system each night.
  • When checking out, please use the billing address for your credit card as the address.

If you are having trouble using this software or have questions while ordering, please contact Steve Calkaat (904) 358-2846 or email [email protected]

  • Click HERE to visit the online ordering site.

Thank you, and we look forward to serving you during this season!