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front office
General Information
Corporate Name: Main Street Massachusetts. d/b/a Lowell Spinners
Owner: Dave Heller
President/GM: Shawn Smith
Address: 450 Aiken Street Lowell MA 01854
Box Office Phone: (978) 459-1702
Fax: (978) 459-1674
Affiliation: Boston Red Sox (since 1996)
Franchise Began: 1996
Classification: Short Season-A
League: New York-Pennsylvanie League (Est. 1938)
Game Schedule: 76 games in 79 days (38 home, 38 road)
Game Times: Home Games: Mon-Fri @ 7:05PM, Sat & Sun @5:05PM
Divisions: West (4 Teams), North (4 Teams), East (6 Teams)
Players: Drafted and/or signed by the Boston Red Sox. Approximate age range 19-23
Baseball Brand: Rawlings NY-Penn League Ben Hayes' Signature
Previous Stadium: Alumni Field (Capacity 4,000) Opening for 1996-1997
Stadium: Edward A. LeLacheur Park (Capacity 5,030) Opened in 1998
Mascots: Canaligator, Allie-Gator, and Millie-Gator
Ground Rules: Click Here to view complete Ground Rules and Stadium Dimensions

Player Limits & Requirements

No NY-Penn League team is allowed to have more than 4 players who are 23 or older. The players age is determined by the June 5th deadline. No team may have more than 3 players on their active list that have 4 or more years of prior Minor League service. Major and Minor service time is counted towards the length of service restrictions. A player may play during one season without regard to prior length of service if the player is a pitcher who is changing positions to become a non-pitcher or vice versa. You may eliminate up to one year of time of Minor League service for time spent on the disabled list. None of the afore mentioned restrictions apply to MLB rehabiliation assignments. By July 1st of each year, all clubs must have at least 10 pitchers.

Roster Limit

Maximum number under control is 35, 30 of those may be active, but only 25 may be in uniform and eligible to play in any given game