Getting To Know The Redbirds: Barret Browning

Profile of the Redbirds' Left-Handed Reliever

By Memphis Redbirds | April 30, 2013 7:57 AM

Full Name: Gary Barret Browning

Nickname: B

Twitter: @BackwoodsBB

Hometown: Jesup, Georgia

Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Alan Jackson, Florida Georgia Line, The Browning Band, Amos Lee, Shinedown

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Movies: Tombstone, Grandma's Boy

Last Movie I Saw at the Theater: The Host

Favorite Foods: Crab legs, deer steaks

Favorite Restaurant: Sybil's

Music On My iPod: Merle Haggard right now

Most Embarrassing Song On My iPod: "Call Me Maybe", Carly Rae Jepsen

Favorite Cartoon As A Kid: Scooby Doo

Favorite MLB Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Last Book I Read: The Noticer

If I Could Be Anyone Else In The World For One Day, It Would Be: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Person Who Taught Me The Most: My sister, Roni

Magazine Subscriptions: Do Bass Pro or Cabela's catalogs count?

Favorite Websites: The Chive, Barstool Sports

Most Memorable Baseball Moment: My MLB Debut

My Welcome To Professional Baseball Moment Was: PB&J everyday

My First Car Was: 1989 Toyota 4x4

My Dream Car Is: Ford Diesel King Ranch Edition

I Currently Drive A: 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4x4, 2003 Mach 1 Mustang

My BFF On The Team: Michael Wacha

Best Dresser On The Redbirds: Jamie Romak

Funniest Person On The Redbirds: Jamie Romak

Quietest Person On The Redbirds: Justin Christian

Worst Driver On The Team: Maikel Cleto

Teammate Most Likely To Be On A Reality Show: Eric Fornataro

Teammate Who Is Always On Their Phone: Nick Greenwood

Most Intense Person On The Redbirds: Vance Albitz

Favorite Original Nintendo Game (NES): Dr. Mario

Favorite Team City To Travel To On A Road Trip: Tacoma, Washington

One Thing I Can't Live Without: fishing pole

Pet Peeves: People smacking their food, talking loudly on the phone

Advice To Kids Who Want To Play Professional Ball: Work hard, respect others

If I Could Face Any Batter/Pitcher, It Would Be: Adam Wainwright

Favorite Current Athlete In Another Sport: Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Favorite Place To Visit In Memphis And Why: Any fishing hole - I like to fish

MLB Player I Model My Game After: Tom Glavine

Person I Would Most Like To Meet Outside Of The Baseball World: Jesus

Biggest Influence On My Pitching Style/Batting Stance: Shannon Snyder, summer ball coach

My First Job: For my Papa laying brick and block

On An Off-Day, I: Play "Call of Duty", fish, or play golf

Word/Phrase I Use Too Often: Dude

My Dream Date: My wife

Favorite Baseball Player Growing Up: Tom Glavine

Actor That Would Portray Me In A Movie About My Life: Tank Abbott

Best Advice I've Ever Received: Be seen, not heard

Best/Worst Part About Being A Ballplayer:
Best: The offseason
Worst: Not being home for eight months

Off-season To Relax, I: Golf, play "Call of Duty", fishing, hunting, going to the river

Most Underrated Baseball Skill That Kids Should Learn: Respect the game

The Most Famous Person In My Cell Phone Is: Right now, probably Buster Posey

Plans After Baseball: Spoil my wife

If I Wasn't Playing Baseball, I Would Be: fishing

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