Vote to name new Morgantown team

Fans can select from list of top 10 nominations through October 17

By Morgantown Professional Baseball | October 10, 2014 1:45 PM

Over 2,500 fan submissions have been narrowed down to 10 and now baseball fans in North Central West Virginia can vote on which one is their favorite.

From now until Friday, October 17 (5:00 pm), baseball fans can VOTE ONLINE at and choose from the top 10 name suggestions based on number of votes, creativity and trademark availability.

Here are the choices as suggested by the baseball fans in North Central West Virginia (in alphabetical order).

Black Bears: The official state animal of West Virginia, Black Bears live in all 55 counties of the state. A large and ferocious animal, a black bear would strike fear into any opponent.

Black Diamonds: A nickname for coal that also has a baseball twist, as the game is also played on a diamond. A diamond is seen as something valuable and important, just as the coal industry has been to West Virginia.

Canaries: The canary was the underdog hero of many coal miners in the past. These birds were used to protect workers from dangerous mine conditions.

Coal Kings: Another reference to the coal mining industry of West Virginia's past. There is no more royal figure than a King, who towers over opposition.

Coal Sox: A variation of a tribute to the coal mining industry of the region. The Coal Sox represents a team and players that will work hard together to achieve their goal of victory.

The Energy: From coal to natural gas, West Virginia has been a major energy producer for decades. The new baseball team will bring a high level of energy and excitement to every game they play.

Moonshiners: A favorite of the mountaineer, moonshine has been made in the hills for over 300 years and is one of West Virginia's oldest traditions.

Muskets: A trusted companion of the mountaineer, the musket was essential to the settling and protection of West Virginia. It's a symbol of the mountaineer's fighting and independent spirit.

Wild Ones: The 'Wild and Wonderful' state slogan of West Virginia dates back to 1969. The Wild Ones helps encapsulate West Virginia's pride and passion to the beautiful territory that makes up this state.

The Wonder: Another version of the 'Wild and Wonderful' state slogan. There's no doubt the amazing plays in the field will be a wonder equally as beautiful as the West Virginia landscape.

Professional baseball is coming to Morgantown, WV

Fans interested in more information on the new professional baseball team in Morgantown, or to be placed on a waiting list for season tickets and ticket packages, should visit or email the club at You can also follow the latest developments of the team on Twitter (@MorgantownBall) and Facebook (/MorgantownBaseball).

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