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Umpires Announced for Upcoming Season

June 8, 2016

    With the 2016 Appalachian League season just a few short weeks away, the league has announced the umpiring crews for this year. The umpires involved with the Appalachian League for this season will be Mark Bass from Madisonville, LA; Jonathan Benken from Lilburn, GA; Brandon Blome from Adairsville, GA; Matthew Brown from Conway, SC; Grant Hinson of Troy, NC; Zachary Neff of Greenville, SC; Michael Snover from Myrtle Beach, SC; Mark Stewart, Jr. from Royal Palm Beach, FL; Nick Susie from Sarasota, FL; and Dillon Wilson from Clopton, AL. The umpires will be paired in crews of two for the season. The crews will be assigned as follows: Jon Benken and Nick Susie; Brandon Blome and Zachary Neff; Matthew Brown and Dillon Wilson; Grant Hinson and Mark Stewart; and Mark Bass and Michael Snover. The Pulaski Yankees are excited to welcome all of these umpires to Calfee Park throughout the 2016 season.