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Oh, Oh, OzemPig, Saints Four-Legged Swine Getting Svelte For 2024 Season

March 25, 2024

ST. PAUL, MN (March 25, 2024) - Pigs, they’re just like us and the struggles are real. Through the years the St. Paul Saints have trotted out their ball pig to adoring fans night in and night out for the entirety of the summer. On the outside they put on

ST. PAUL, MN (March 25, 2024) - Pigs, they’re just like us and the struggles are real. Through the years the St. Paul Saints have trotted out their ball pig to adoring fans night in and night out for the entirety of the summer. On the outside they put on a smile and raise their snout to acknowledge the crowd. Inside, however, their heart drops as the crowd is told they put on an average of two pounds per day during the season. While true, this little piece of information leaves them self-conscious. As the Saints were searching for their 2024 pig, the competition was fierce as celebrities, award-winning films, and big-time athletes made a run at being crowned the winner. One pig, however, stood out above all the rest promising to change the way pigs are viewed by the rest of the world. He promises to spend the first half of the season in the best shape possible, curb the five to seven pounds of food he eats in a day, and bring a positive light to his name as the Saints unveil their 2024 ballpig…OzemPig.

After a winter spent eating everything from vegetation, roots, fruits, eggs, fish, and even dead animals at a rapid rate, a change was in order for the Saints new four-legged swine. After a visit to his doctor, who was extremely worried about his cholesterol and heart, OzemPig vowed to change his lifestyle. That’s when he sauntered into CHS Field and went toe-to-toe with fellow ballpig challengers. The competition was stiff with seven-time livestock winner, Sloppenheimer, the British contender, Porky Blinders, the extremely popular Malibu Lardie, and the deep learning Artifisqueal Intelligence. His backstory, sheer determination, and vow to change the perception of sus domesticus was too much for the challengers to overcome and OzemPig was crowned as the obvious choice to become the first-half Saints ballpig.

For the first time in franchise history the Saints changed pigs at the halfway point of the season in 2022. OzemPig vows to show off his abs and defined hocks from March until July.

This season’s pig was selected from a record of nearly 2,300 entries in the Name the Pig Contest presented by the Star Tribune at The winning entry was submitted by Sara Blood of Minneapolis. Blood will receive a $50 Saints gift card, VIP Saints tickets, a photo with the pig, escort the pig at a game, and a first pitch.

During the previous 31 seasons, the Saints have had a pig mascot and each has had a unique name. Many of the names play on hot topics of the year, current events, or Minnesota legends. Last season, the Saints no-nonsense pig Mud Grant took the reins in the first half followed by the pig looking to take over the world, Squealon Musk. The first season of the two pigs was in 2022 with 867530Swine during the first half of the season followed by Chop Gun: MaveRib. In the first season as the Twins Triple-A affiliate in 2021 they found a pig that could fly, Space Ham. During the pandemic year they made sure the pig went into lockdown with This Little Piggy Stayed Home. In 2019 the championship drought ender was Daenerys Hoggaryen. In 2018 the Saints struck a chord with the younger generation with Porknite. The year before that they tested the political waters with Alternative Fats. In 2016 the Saints honored one of the most iconic artists with Little Red Porkette. During the first season at CHS Field the Saints paid homage to Lowertown artists they went with Pablo Pigasso. In 2014 the Saints received the Colboar bump with Stephen Colboar. The 2012 season saw two mascots for the first time: Kim Lardashian and Kris Hamphries. Past names have included Mackleboar (2013), Brat Favre (2010), Slumhog Millionaire (2009), Boarack Ohama (2008), Notorious P.I.G. – Piggy Smalls (2003) and Kevin Bacon (2001).

When the Saints moved to town in 1992, their sister team in Fort Myers was having great success with a live Golden Retriever mascot and the Saints wanted to capitalize on that success. Libby Veeck, the wife of Saints owner and President Mike Veeck, came across an interesting tidbit in a book she was reading and discovered St. Paul was known as “Pig’s Eye” after Pierre “Pig’s Eye” Parrant. Thus, the pig mascot was born.

Since 1993 the Saints have received the pig from Dennis and Marilyn Hauth who handle, train, design costumes and house the pigs.

Saints fans can get their first look at OzemPig during the home opener on Friday, March 29 at 6:37 p.m. against the Columbus Clippers (Cleveland Guardians). Fans can purchase tickets during box office hours Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. or 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. on Saturday or anytime by visiting