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Broadcaster 'ejects' young Blue Wahoos fan

Fan interferes with ball that negates a Pensacola home run
June 6, 2024

By the letter of the law, fan interference in a ballgame can lead to that fan’s ejection. But it doesn’t expand on what that ejection entails. On Wednesday night, in Double-A Pensacola’s 14-6 loss to Mississippi, this rule came into effect. The fan’s punishment, as levied by the home team's

Outta here: Not all ejections are created equal

Players and managers aren't the only ones who get the heave-ho
June 12, 2020

The home run, the strikeout, the beer and the hot dog -- all staples of baseball. As is the ejection. Why does a screaming, dirt-kicking, expletive-laced argument provide so much enjoyment for the masses who witness it? Whatever the cause, the spectacle of an ejection has woven itself seamlessly into