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Reds' Garcia garners first weekly award

Cincinnati's No. 14 prospect hit .448 with two homers for Dayton
August 20, 2018

Jose Garcia entered the 2018 season as the $5 million man. It's taken some time, but he's starting to show why the Reds paid a high price to sign him out of Cuba in June 2017. Cincinnati's No. 14 prospect has been named Midwest League Offensive Player of the Week

Dodgers' Farmer highlights Players of the Week

Tulsa catcher/third baseman goes 12-for-19 (.632) over five games
May 15, 2017

Kyle Farmer was 0-for-13 in his last four games for a Tulsa club that had started the season 14-16 when he heard fellow Drillers catcher Paul Hoenecke say so something so profound, he knew it had to be shared with the masses: