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Welcome to the Saints Block Party For A Week of Game From April 9-14

April 9, 2024

ST. PAUL, MN (April 9, 2024) - No one throws a party like a St. Paul Saints party. Now, we’re getting everyone involved. Come one, come all because this is a family affair. We’re turning on the magnetic charm as we enter our Fun Is Good era. Here’s the 4-1-1

ST. PAUL, MN (April 9, 2024) - No one throws a party like a St. Paul Saints party. Now, we’re getting everyone involved. Come one, come all because this is a family affair. We’re turning on the magnetic charm as we enter our Fun Is Good era. Here’s the 4-1-1 about this homestand: it will tickle all of your senses. It’s the first full week of home games as the Saints get the party started for six days from April 9-14.

Tuesday, April 9 vs. Iowa Cubs (Chicago Cubs), 4:07 p.m. – Lowertown Block Party

When the Saints opened CHS Field in 2015, they didn’t want to be the neighborhood, they wanted to be a part of the neighborhood. So, what better way to be a part of the neighborhood than to invite everyone to come out for one big party. Think of this as Opening Day Part II. Visit our pubs and restaurants, listen to our music, and join in the fun. You don’t need to live or work in the Lowertown area to enjoy this day. We want people who know how to have fun. Skip out on work early because beginning at 2 p.m. come enjoy Happy Hour at the finest local establishments around the ballpark. Then, stroll into CHS Field, kick back, and let us do all the work as you enjoy baseball, laughs, and great company. Find out which block parties you can visit around the country with our Sun Country Travel Tuesday.

Wednesday, April 10 vs. Iowa Cubs, 6:37 p.m. – National Sibling Day

Claudia Evart wanted to honor her brother and sister, who passed away at early ages. In 1995 she conceived of the idea and it only took two years for the Siblings Day Foundation to form in 1997. In that same year Carolyn Maloney, the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, officially saluted the holiday and introduced it into the official Congressional Record of the United States. Approximately 80% of people in the U.S. have a sibling and we celebrate all of them on National Sibling Day. Brothers bring your sisters. Sisters, bring your brothers. It’s time for all of us to show love for each other. Discover the places you can bring your sibling during the Explore Minnesota Wednesday.

Thursday, April 11 vs. Iowa Cubs, 6:37 p.m. – 4-1-1 on the 4-1-1

You want the information; we’ve got the information. Whether it’s about the telephone number for local directory assistance or the 4-11 date itself, we’re dishing the 4-1-1 on the 4-1-1. Directory assistance started in 1930 in New York and San Francisco and other large cities. The date holds a big significance in the world of sports radio as the first live sporting event was broadcast on April 11, 1921, a 10-round boxing match between Johnny Dundee and Johnny Ray at Pittsburgh’s Motor Square Garden. In 1970, Appollo 13 launches to the moon. And in 2012 the Avengers premiered in Los Angeles. We’ll give you all our favorite 4-1-1 that will inform, make you laugh, and make you say hmmmm. Enjoy all our knowledge on a Thirsty Thursday featuring $2 beers and two-for-one Bud Light Seltzers.

Friday, April 12 vs. Iowa Cubs, 6:37 p.m. – DJ Swiftie presented by Custom One

Let’s just save everyone the embarrassment of making 20 different Taylor Swift musical puns in this description. The bottom line is, if you enjoy songs from the musical maven then you won’t want to miss this night. The world-renowned DJ Swiftie brings his TayTay Dance party to CHS Field presented by Custom One. It’s a show Taylor-Made for the ultimate fans. The themed dance party comes crafted around everyone’s favorite Taylor songs that will have you dancing the night away. But wait, there’s more. One lucky person will walk away with two tickets to her Miami show in October. For all the Swifties out there, this is a night where your Wildest Dreams come true (sorry we couldn’t help ourselves). Stick around to the end of the night for Friday Night Fireworks powered by Xcel Energy to the music of Taylor Dayne. Kidding, Taylor Swift, of course.

Saturday, April 13 vs. Iowa Cubs, 2:07 p.m. – Magnet Schedule Giveaway (4,000)

The most powerful magnet in the universe is actually a star called magnetar. They are stars that have died off and had a supernova explosion. These magnetars are what is left over, and they are strong enough to destroy small planets if they get close enough. Good news is there are only a dozen or so of those according to scientists, and they are faaaaaaaaaaaar away from Earth. The magnets we’re going to provide you are just as powerful, as it will make you the authoritative figure among your friends and family on the Saints 2024 schedule. The first 4,000 fans receive a free Saints magnet schedule. You can take your magnet to all the tropical locations you’re going to visit this year on our Treasure Island Saturday.

Sunday, April 14 vs. Iowa Cubs, 2:07 p.m. – Sensory Friendly Game presented by Fraser

This is one of those special games that you won’t want to miss. It’s for our friends that don’t want to be overstimulated, and who among us couldn’t use a nice relaxing day at the ballpark. Even the Saints can tone it down from time-to-time. All the fun and entertainment will continue taking place, but in a more mellow format. This is our Sensory-Friendly game as we partner with our friends from Fraser. While we love Lee Adams, Nicholas Leeman, and Rita Boersma, today we will have fewer announcements from them. We’re also going to turn down the microphone and speakers from our normal 10 to a relaxing three or four. While we fully intend to use the video board, there will be fewer motion graphics. The team plans on hitting a lot of home runs, but we won’t be firing the cannon. Mudonna loves hugging kids, but today she will wait for them to approach her. The Securian Financial Club will be utilized as a sensory-safe space where Fraser will be activating with different activities. Those who want access to the Club will need to buy tickets through the Sensory-Friendly ticket portal at and use the password: sensoryfriendly. Fraser will be handing out fidget items and their support staff will be on site to provide assistance and education about sensory-processing needs. Fraser Sensory Kits will be available to be checked out from Fan Services and returned after the game. These kits contain sensory tools to modify the environment, so fans are better able to enjoy the game experience. What better way to spend the day than at the ballpark on a Cub Family Sunday as kids run the bases following the game.

Despite this being the first weeklong homestand, it will go by swiftly. We take on the Iowa Cubs and there is a little bit of a sibling rivalry with our closest opponent, but it’s very friendly. We won’t knock each other’s block off, so take the 4-1-1 we’ve provided and come out to CHS Field.

Saints tickets continue to be a tremendous value. Tickets range in price from $5-$35. Friday home games with Post-Game Fireworks are an additional $3 per ticket. Post-Game Blaze Credit Union Fireworks Supershow on June 8 and Post-Game Fireworks Supershows (July 3, July 4, and September 21) are an additional $4 per ticket. Tickets purchased on the day of the game are an additional $2 per ticket. Children under the age of 12 and seniors 65 and older receive $1 off the admission price. Children under 2 that don't require a seat are free.