Getting To Know The Redbirds: Brock Peterson

Profile of the Redbirds' First Baseman

By Memphis Redbirds | April 18, 2013 12:13 PM ET

Full Name: Brock Alan Peterson

I Reside In: Virginia Beach, Virginia

My Hometown: Chehalis, Washington

Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Five Finger Death Punch, Steel Panther

Favorite TV Show: Blue Mountain State

Favorite Movies: Django Unchained

Last Movie I Saw At The Theater: Zero Dark Thirty

Favorite Actor: Si, from Duck Dynasty

Favorite Food: BBQ

Favorite Restaurant: Kooky Canuck

Music On My iPod: Metal

Most Embarrassing Song On My iPod: Britney Spears

Favorite Cartoon As A Kid: SilverHawks

Last Book I Read: The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest

If I Could Be Anyone Else In The World For One Day, It Would Be: Derek Jeter

Person Who Taught Me The Most: My Therapist

Favorite Website:

Most Memorable Baseball Moment: Living in a clubhouse for four months with 10 teammates

My Welcome To Professional Baseball Moment Was: Watching Garrett Jones and Jason Kubel hit balls 500 feet while I was trying to make contact during myfirst batting practice.

My First Car Was: '97 Honda Civic

My Dream Car Is: Lamborghini Aventador

I Currently Drive A: Ford F-150

Best Dresser On The Redbirds: Justin Christian

Quietest Person On The Redbirds: J.R. Towles

Favorite Original Nintendo Game (NES): Bases Loaded

Favorite Team City To Travel To On A Road Trip: Tacoma, Washington because it is closest to home

Pet Peeves: People who sit behind a keyboard and talk crap on Facebook and Twitter

Favorite Current Athletes In Other Sports: Greg Biffle, Marshawn Lynch

Favorite Place To Visit In Memphis And Why: Kooky Canuck because Shawn is the man!

My First Job: Loading trucks for my parent's company at night

On An Off Day, I: Like to stay busy

My Dream Date: Jennifer Love Hewitt, sorry babe

Favorite Baseball Player Growing Up: Jay Buhner

Actor That Would Portray Me In A Movie About My Life: Kevin Costner

Best Advice I've Ever Received: Only worry about what you can control

Best part About Being A Ballplayer: Playing a game for a living

Off-Season Activities To Relax: Golf, Race R/C cars, Seahawk Sundays


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