Getting To Know The Redbirds: Ed Easley

(Allison Rhoades/Memphis Redbirds)

By Memphis Redbirds | July 30, 2014 2:52 PM ET

Full Name: Edward Michael Easley

School: Mississippi State University

Age: 28

Acquired: Signed by St. Louis as a minor league free agent on November 18, 2013

Twitter: @EdEasley4

Reside: Memphis, Tennessee

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Country - Eric Church, Luke Bryan

Favorite TV Shows: "Friends"

Favorite Movies: "Dumb and Dumber" "Shooter"

Last Movie I Saw At The Theater: " The Amazing Spiderman 2"

Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Restaurant: Houstons

Music On My iPod: A good mix of country, rock and rap

Favorite Cartoon As A Kid: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Last Book I Read: Lone Survivor

If I Could Be Anyone Else In The World For One Day, It Would Be: Lebron James

Person Who Taught Me The Most: Parents

Favorite Websites:

Most Memorable Baseball Moment: Playing in the College World Series

My Welcome To Professional Baseball Moment Was: Calling my manager coach and him quickly correcting me. You don't call your coaches coach in pro ball.

My Dream Car Is: Audi S8

I'm Afraid Of: Going to the top of Pikes Peak (just did it and freaked me out)

Funniest Person On The Redbirds: Nick Greenwood

Quietest Person On The Redbirds: Zach Petrick

Worst Driver on the team: Greg Garcia

Most Active Tweeter On The Redbirds: Xavier Scruggs

Teammate Most Likely To Be On A Reality Show: Tommy Pham

Teammate Who Is Always On Their Phone: Jermaine Curtis

Most Intense Person On The Redbirds: Tim Cooney

If you had to be stranded on a deserted island with a teammate, who would you choose and why: Sean Johnson (athletic trainer) because he's strong

Hidden Talents: Guitar

Favorite Childhood Video Game: "NBA Jam"     

Favorite current videogame: "NBA 2K14"

Favorite team city to travel to on a road trip: Salt Lake City

What is one thing you can't live without: My lovely wife

Pet Peeves: Kids messing with dogs through fences

Best prankster on the team and why: Nick Greenwood - Just a funny guy

Advice For Kids Who Want To Play Professional Ball: Don't stop believing

If you could face any batter/pitcher, it would be: Tracy McGrady

Something the fans don't already know about me: I played in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization for seven years.

Favorite current athlete in another sport: Rickie Fowler

MLB Player you model your game after: Paul Goldschmidt

Favorite Place to Visit in Memphis: Flight because of the good food and wine

Moment in History you Wish you Could Witness:  The signing of the Declaration of Independence

Biggest influence on your batting stance: Goldschmidt

On An Off Day, I: Go to the lake

What was your first job: Cleaning my dad's warehouse at his old trucking business

Favorite Baseball Player Growing Up: Ken Griffey Jr.

Word/Phrase you use too often: "He gone"

Who would your dream date be: My wife is my dream date

This actor would portray me in a movie about my life: Vince Vaughn

Best Part About Being A Ballplayer: Playing a game for a living

Worst Part About Being A Ballplayer: Travel days

Off-Season Activities To Relax: Lake, beach, Napa Valley

Best advice I've ever received: Don't go swim right after you eat

Most Underrated Baseball Skill That Kids Should Learn: Become mentally tough

Plans after baseball: Travel the world

If I wasn't playing baseball, I would be: An agent or general manager

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